THe Elephant in the Room

This may possibly be the hardest thing I have ever written, but I feel I cannot write about parenting without at some point addressing The Elephant in the Room: Post Natal Depression So many of you will have experienced this, or watched your partner struggle with life at a time when everyone tells you you […]

Time to Talk…again

Mind response to Media headlines about the Greenwings Crash The horrifying events of this last week have left the whole of Europe reeling, but those affected by , or involved in Mental Health Issues are once again finding themselves under attack. I want to take a look – not at the Germanwings case, which is […]

Introducing the Radical Honesty Manifesto. Want to Join my Tribe?

As someone who lives with depression and uses medication daily to manage my condition I often find myself tripping up and not taking care of myself. Scheduling appointments; calling my doctor to make an appointment in advance of needing a new prescription, but not so far ahead that the computer system cannot book me it […]

In the Light of Robin Williams Suicide: How did we get it so wrong?

When it comes to mental health and wellness, we appear to have got it all wrong. We believe the rubbish purported in the media and judge each other harshly, never really understanding what it is we are talking about. For example, RAPE is never about SEX! So it makes no difference ‘What she was wearing’, […]

Crisis Coach, Me?

It’s official. Apparently I am a Crisis Coach. You know, that person who you call the minute your world falls apart. The one who always takes your calls, and listens patiently while you talk absolute gibberish and can’t seem to make any sense. Yet I understand completely what it is you are trying to say. […]

The deepest Pain can often reveal your Life’s Purpose

I don’t know about you, but I have been working long and hard to determine exactly what my Business is all about. I mean, I know what I do, and why I do it, but….and this is central to my theme, I was a little unsure as to WHY I was doing it. Do you ever stop […]

Her Voice Is Silence

Yesterday I met a wonderful woman whom I shall call Samantha. I know very little about Samantha other than she requires a support worker to enable her to live her life. Psychologically, she is damaged. Life has been harsh. As someone with a passionate interest in mental health/welfare I looked forward to meeting with her […]

When Being ‘Negative’ is a Positive.

Cheery Picture? Not really. But why share it today…? This mornings conversations with my partner went something along these lines; Me:      So what have you got on today? He:     ATOS  forms! (cue sad face and twinges of anxiety) Me:     How long has that taken you now? Surely you’re nearly done? […]

10 Reasons Why We Do What we Do!

I had a rare girly night in, last night. My good friend, Coach and Therapist Sara Ackrill invited me to meet her at home and prepared the most delicious Moroccan Tagine for supper. We both share a passion for Mental health matters, and as a Counsellor herself, we had quite an in depth discussion about […]