You Are The Answer TO Your Own Prayer

This is possibly the most profound post I have ever written. This ‘download’, the instant revelation that fell out of my mouth before I even had the chance to think about it, gave me goosebumps and it really illuminated a Great Truth for me. You are the answer to your own prayer. That is your […]

30 Day Challenge

Day One As a way of training myself to set objectives, follow through and actually complete them, and inspired by Mona Darling on Instagram, I decided to set myself the following challenges: 30 days of yoga stretches and meditation practice These can be a s short as 5 minutes each, or an extended session on the mat […]

Tales of Dream Weaving, Soul Gardening and Story Telling

I have been outed! I am no longer incognito, and it feels great. For many years I have been hiding my true self behind a chronic people pleasing habit, and it has finally come to an end. That is not to say that I have given up making people happy – only that now, I […]