Recalling my magical beginnings

So many of my clients ask me ‘How did you know you were gifted?’ or ‘When did you first know you were psychic?’ or versions there of. So I decided to take some time out to a ‘Childhood Visitation Meditation’ and explore the breadcrumbs I left scattered throughout my life which pointed to my awareness […]

Using 7 Words Oracle to find calm in the Storm

I know I am not alone in wondering what to do when you can’t shake of that feeling of being pissed at the world for no good reason: I haven’t felt like this for ages but today, nothing is good enough, everything irritates me and I know I am being pushed to say something meaningful […]

Feeling lost? the first step is…

getting out of your own way! As soon as that fog of confusion descends we immediately fall into CONTROL FREAK MODE and try to solve the problem. We run around seeking solutions, finding answers, following guru’s and signing up for yet more trainings on ‘how to…’ only to find ourselves overwhelmed, full of options with […]

The Seven Steps to Satisfaction

To achieve success in any area of your life, you have to first determine exactly what ‘Success’ looks like to you.  If you up against obstacles and challenges on your way you can be sure that you are in one of 7 states – energetic placements, if you like that once, amended will allow all […]

How to say ‘I’m sorry’, and mean it

It has taken me a while to be ready to write this post. Time to heal from hurt and to allow anger and rage to simmer quietly back into being merely disconcerted. A friendship I valued has ended and all for the lack of a Sorry. The why’s and wherefores are not important and must remain […]

Is Your Story Telling The TRUTH?

If Your STORY isn’t lighting you up, why not try a different story? We all tell stories, all the time. We meet new people and introduce ourselves; offering the very best version of ourselves that we can muster, depending on the circumstances. Often we will adapt our story to fit in with the expectations of the other […]

Healing the Heart and the Soul

Communication comes in many forms. And recently I have been called back toward the ancient healing traditions that I once worked with. The Intuitive healing techniques I have practised since childhood, but which I left sitting on a dusty shelf as I forged a ‘proper’ career as a Coach and Trainer. I abandoned my heart. […]

I think I am finally getting the message

and its about time! I have spent so many years wondering What I should DO? Searching for my thing and never finding it. When it appears it was here all the time! Right under my nose, or more literally, at the end of my fingertips! How many times have you heard that one? Do what you LOVE, […]

And still the lessons keep on coming

   I have been sideswiped recently, by a revelation. A close-up of my own life, warts and all, and to be frank, I feel as though I have been swiped around the face with a wet kipper! In talks with a relatively ‘new’ friend (ie she doesn’t know EVERY LITTLE THING about my life), we […]