Using 7 Words Oracle to find calm in the Storm

I know I am not alone in wondering what to do when you can’t shake of that feeling of being pissed at the world for no good reason: I haven’t felt like this for ages but today, nothing is good enough, everything irritates me and I know I am being pushed to say something meaningful […]

It feels like it’s time…for a list.

Lists seem to be very popular in the blogosphere, so I thought I might compile one: A list of Great Ways to Feel Better.    This seems like a good List to start with because, after all, we all want to feel ‘better’, don’t we…?…Leaves a moment for provocative question to sink in… Why? Why […]

We Are Halfway Thru 2013

And how are we feeling? My first thoughts were ‘OMG! Where has half the year gone? I have achieved NOTHING! What a waste of time! etc etc’ Then I rapidly had a re-think (cos THAT kinda thinking isn’t going to get me anywhere fast) and realised exactly what I HAVE achieved so far this year. […]