How to say ‘I’m sorry’, and mean it

It has taken me a while to be ready to write this post. Time to heal from hurt and to allow anger and rage to simmer quietly back into being merely disconcerted. A friendship I valued has ended and all for the lack of a Sorry.┬áThe why’s and wherefores are not important and must remain […]

Introducing the Radical Honesty Manifesto. Want to Join my Tribe?

As someone who lives with depression and uses medication daily to manage my condition I often find myself tripping up and not taking care of myself. Scheduling appointments; calling my doctor to make an appointment in advance of needing a new prescription, but not so far ahead that the computer system cannot book me it […]

“I’ve been talking to myself…

Just to suggest that I’m selfish.” (Electronic) But the way we talk to ourselves is fundamental in how we feel, isn’t it? As a lifelong self-abuser, I know only too well how Negative Self Talk can impact on ones self esteem, doing the ┬ájob of the bullies, the bosses, the parents and teachers, long after […]