Poetry . Day 5

Day 5 Calmness:  CREATE.  Nine Cups.  Ten Staves.  LOVE: Compassion. Everything she ever wanted or needed Now sits in the palm of her hand. The rainbow of promise Pours an endless supply Of loving creative energy To fuel her long-sought life’s purpose.   Sunset’s boundary is almost imperceptible For the rainbow’s promise fades As the […]

Poem a Day. Day Two

True healthfulness begins at source Outside of the body we shine divine Only the limitations of physicality Creating forces which act upon our reason Giving rise to fear and doubt and worry   As we journey along our road of life We are pulled, this way and that We see, we hear, we learn And […]

30 Day Challenge

Day One As a way of training myself to set objectives, follow through and actually complete them, and inspired by Mona Darling on Instagram, I decided to set myself the following challenges: 30 days of yoga stretches and meditation practice These can be a s short as 5 minutes each, or an extended session on the mat […]