Karma – gift or curse?

When we are sick, struggling or feel unable to change the biggest of challenges in our life, is it Karma? Are we being punished for something? And what of ‘nice, kind’ people, why do they suffer? I was posed this question, indirectly, by Diane of whichsideoftherainbow  During our Blogalong challenge with EffyWild.com I wanted to explore Diane’s supposition … More Karma – gift or curse?

In my hometown…

Life was grey, a post war concrete jungle of hopes and dreams built upon the rubble of lost lives and lost lives. A midlands life of middling expectations and less than promising opportunities. The doors we saw shut in our face, they were not the type that opened onto green vista’s, oh no, those doors … More In my hometown…

Whoa Nelly!

Don’t you just Love that title? It’s kinda silly and exciting and gets the blood pumping. Makes me think about horses bolting, or women becoming over-amorous, or…I don’t know just stuff moving too fast. Today’s prompt from the Effy Wild Blogalong Challenge is What is something you struggle with? What battles are you fighting that … More Whoa Nelly!

Look What I Made!

This morning as part if the blogging challenge I thought ‘What do I want?’ And promptly responded ‘wheat free pancakes. And that’s what I had! My first EVER attempt worked beautifully. I used 1 ripe banana, oats, 1 egg and chucked in a teeny amount of raw cacao and Chia seeds (cos I bought them … More Look What I Made!