It’s September!

I am diving deep this month and taking part in a Effy Wild’s Blogging challenge for September and as I am already a day late – I’ll thank Rachel Gathercole for the reminder – I am blogging from 2nd September to 2nd October. Why not join me? Jump into your blog space and get something down that … More It’s September!

Poetry . Day 5

Day 5 Calmness:  CREATE.  Nine Cups.  Ten Staves.  LOVE: Compassion. Everything she ever wanted or needed Now sits in the palm of her hand. The rainbow of promise Pours an endless supply Of loving creative energy To fuel her long-sought life’s purpose.   Sunset’s boundary is almost imperceptible For the rainbow’s promise fades As the … More Poetry . Day 5

Poetry Day 4

Innocence. Rainbow: Blessing. Athena: Justice. Such mixed emotions swirl through me upon seeing the rainbow, splashed across the sky. Somewhere nearby lies the proverbial ‘Pot of Gold’. There she shimmers in the autumn light, Not quite quite the treasure or riches such as a man would seek But a woman’s wealth – the wisdom of … More Poetry Day 4

Poem a day. Day One

  As part of my #30day challenge I am pulling cards and writing a poem/piece based upon them. I hope you enjoy. The road to fortune is not golden, glittering nor diamond-clad, for blessings are bestowed upon those who persist when the going gets hard. Should you decide to follow your path regardless of obstacles … More Poem a day. Day One

Memory. A Poem

Memory I remember… I remember… I forget what I remember. I knew it. I know I knew it. I had it right here on the tip of my…right here. (points to tongue) I KNOW I know it! Try counting? Numbers? Well that’s easy isn’t it: ( watches thumb and fingers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) … More Memory. A Poem