The Shape of You

We live in a square world. Where everything comes in its own box, in instantly definable by its regularity, it’s normalness. But what of you? At school did you struggle to fit into the tiny square regular space you were allocated? Did you push against the sides with determined feet, teeth gritted in fierce insistence … More The Shape of You

Gratitudes. #1

Jan 1st 2018 I’m grateful for my healthy children when so many are suffering. I’m grateful I live in a peaceful place with no war, chaos or conflict. I’m thankful for my wonderful clients, purchasers of my Oracle Cards, those investing with me for coaching, readings or healings. I’m grateful for my blog, my website … More Gratitudes. #1

Look What I Made!

This morning as part if the blogging challenge I thought ‘What do I want?’ And promptly responded ‘wheat free pancakes. And that’s what I had! My first EVER attempt worked beautifully. I used 1 ripe banana, oats, 1 egg and chucked in a teeny amount of raw cacao and Chia seeds (cos I bought them … More Look What I Made!

My new website

My new website   Welcome to my new online presence, I am literally sharing the journey of this work, to show everyone how easy – or not – it is to create a business from your heart. There are many changes in direction, and the focus seems to ebb and flow in a typically feminine … More My new website