Gratitudes. #1

Jan 1st 2018 I’m grateful for my healthy children when so many are suffering. I’m grateful I live in a peaceful place with no war, chaos or conflict. I’m thankful for my wonderful clients, purchasers of my Oracle Cards, those investing with me for coaching, readings or healings. I’m grateful for my blog, my website […]

I think I am finally getting the message

and its about time! I have spent so many years wondering What I should DO? Searching for my thing and never finding it. When it appears it was here all the time! Right under my nose, or more literally, at the end of my fingertips! How many times have you heard that one? Do what you LOVE, […]


    Arete Life Coaching Discovery Workshops Now Available for a limited time only! WHO IS IT FOR?  Anyone who wishes to understand themselves better Those wishing to improve their CONFIDENCE Those seeking to UNDERSTAND which type of WORK would suit their personality. Those looking to raise their Self Esteem. Only 3 Dates Available:  December […]