I help Earth Angels to care for their wings

What do think when you see other people embarking on counselling, therapy or coaching support? I could never do that? My problems aren’t that bad? Who would want to listen to me? If so, you are not alone. So many people – just like you – feel that their life is not ‘bad’ enough to […]

Release the bird within. A Fable.

As a child, I see her, desperate for the loving attentions of her parents. She can feel their spiky walls, see their moats and towers, yet cannot understand them. She grows outside those walls ‘with-out their love’  whilst her parents remain secluded, safe within the walls they built around themselves. It is clear that they are prisoners […]

Is Your Story Telling The TRUTH?

If Your STORY isn’t lighting you up, why not try a different story? We all tell stories, all the time. We meet new people and introduce ourselves; offering the very best version of ourselves that we can muster, depending on the circumstances. Often we will adapt our story to fit in with the expectations of the other […]