My Heart has a Story to tell….are you ready?

My heart has something it would like to share with you Today took me on a journey through myself. I travelled beyond my boundaries and explored new vistas, never seen before. I scaled mountain tops and paused for breath as I surveyed the Whole World below me. I climbed the valley walls, grasping desperately at […]

Healing the Heart and the Soul

Communication comes in many forms. And recently I have been called back toward the ancient healing traditions that I once worked with. The Intuitive healing techniques I have practised since childhood, but which I left sitting on a dusty shelf as I forged a ‘proper’ career as a Coach and Trainer. I abandoned my heart. […]

It feels like it’s time…for a list.

Lists seem to be very popular in the blogosphere, so I thought I might compile one: A list of Great Ways to Feel Better.    This seems like a good List to start with because, after all, we all want to feel ‘better’, don’t we…?…Leaves a moment for provocative question to sink in… Why? Why […]

Its all coming together…New Term, New opportunities!

There seems to be synchronicity in the air. You have heard me talk of my many arms, my many goals and the difficulty of bringing all the different aspects of my offerings together. Well, now I may just have hit upon something which will help me to mesh all my skills and talents into one, […]

Horsing Around: A lazy Girls guide to Communication Clarity.

The more i get into this Blogging business, the more I realise that folks spend a long time ‘Crafting’ their posts to suit their audience or to achieve some preset goal. Let me tell you right now…I ain’t one of them! Never say ‘Never’, of course, but as it stands today, I write, I check, […]