Recalling my magical beginnings

So many of my clients ask me ‘How did you know you were gifted?’ or ‘When did you first know you were psychic?’ or versions there of. So I decided to take some time out to a ‘Childhood Visitation Meditation’ and explore the breadcrumbs I left scattered throughout my life which pointed to my awareness […]

Yule Bough

As we near the season of Midwinter, our thoughts naturally turn to decorating our festive home; celebrating the darkness with light and bringing evergreen foliage into the house – but wait! Before you buy yet another Christmas Tree, bear a thought for those living in Denmark or Norway who are seeing their native rural world […]

Inspiring words to live by

Throughout history brilliant minds have left us with words of wisdom with which to enrich our lives. Here are a few of my favourites, I would love to hear your favourites phrases or sayings, old wives tales or go-to words of wisdom that your family cherish. Please share in the comments below.