Sacred Secrets

Day 23 of the blogalong challenge from Effy Wild is a call to share about something I consider sacred. Let’s list: ♤Music ♡Sleep ◇Dance ♧Trees ♤My Intuition ♡Birds ◇The Truth♧ So why are these things above all others considered sacred to my soul? Music transports me, bringing forgotten feelings rushing to the surface to be … More Sacred Secrets

Thieves and more

I’m getting excited by the possibilities as I create my very own Hidden Pathways Oil Blends to accompany my forthcoming Oracle Cards. My system is based on The 7 Words communication method and brings great insight to the questioner once your questions are clear. I’ve realised the key to a great intuitive reading lies in … More Thieves and more

I want.

Day 17 of the blogging challenge with Effy Wild Not the given prompt but a from-the-heart-declaration: I want to go on a mushroom hunt I want to kick up the autumn leaves I want a deeply passionate relationship with myself I want a solo adventure somewhere new. I want to regain my fitness and release … More I want.