2018 Sees The Launch of Something Big

I’m feeling the pull. The desire within me to create something new. Something Big. Something rather wonderful I want to create a community platform. A gathering place-like a club. You know in the old days, a club was opened and all the local musicians could come and jam and hang out and, create together. I […]

And now what…?

The General Election 2015 is over and we are left to pick up the pieces. For some of us that election was a personal crusade, involving first time attempts at election both Generally and Locally. As a GREEN PARTY member (I hate the word ‘Party’ – it sounds so 1984 to me) I was nominated […]

Introducing the Radical Honesty Manifesto. Want to Join my Tribe?

As someone who lives with depression and uses medication daily to manage my condition I often find myself tripping up and not taking care of myself. Scheduling appointments; calling my doctor to make an appointment in advance of needing a new prescription, but not so far ahead that the computer system cannot book me it […]

Are You Building a Creative Biz?

Have you checked in with Leonie Dawson at http://www.leoniedawson.com yet?  To start you off here is a lovely blog post about how she operates her day as Work At Home Mumpreneur http://www.leoniedawson.com/day-life-wahm/ Leonie has developed her biz from simply selling her artwork in local craft markets to offering biz-building support to other creatives and has […]

The key to career success 2014

In conversation with my son, 16, on the way home from 6th form today,we got to talking about ‘the real world’ and his career prospects. Now my boy has wanted to be a police officer for as long as I can remember, and only now is he spreading his attentions to other avenues.

The True Art of Story Telling and why You need a Word Smith on your Team.

I am a story teller. I can’t help it. Whatever I am doing, who ever I am with, I end up telling stories. Stories about my life, to help them understand me more; stories about experiences I have gone through, that will offer them guidance as they approach a similar experience and, as a spiritual […]

Its all coming together…New Term, New opportunities!

There seems to be synchronicity in the air. You have heard me talk of my many arms, my many goals and the difficulty of bringing all the different aspects of my offerings together. Well, now I may just have hit upon something which will help me to mesh all my skills and talents into one, […]

Crisis Coach, Me?

It’s official. Apparently I am a Crisis Coach. You know, that person who you call the minute your world falls apart. The one who always takes your calls, and listens patiently while you talk absolute gibberish and can’t seem to make any sense. Yet I understand completely what it is you are trying to say. […]