You Are The Answer TO Your Own Prayer

This is possibly the most profound post I have ever written. This ‘download’, the instant revelation that fell out of my mouth before I even had the chance to think about it, gave me goosebumps and it really illuminated a Great Truth for me. You are the answer to your own prayer. That is your […]

Using 7 Words Oracle to find calm in the Storm

I know I am not alone in wondering what to do when you can’t shake of that feeling of being pissed at the world for no good reason: I haven’t felt like this for ages but today, nothing is good enough, everything irritates me and I know I am being pushed to say something meaningful […]

HELLO are you paying ATTENTION?

Welcome to the second of the 7 words HELLO and the first keyword of ATTENTION. Further to our introductory word of NO you will have established your Boundaries, be firm in your Identity, be making congruent Choices and speaking your Truth, so now it is time to reach out and investigate the world around you, to […]

The Seven Steps to Satisfaction

To achieve success in any area of your life, you have to first determine exactly what ‘Success’ looks like to you.  If you up against obstacles and challenges on your way you can be sure that you are in one of 7 states – energetic placements, if you like that once, amended will allow all […]