Earth Angels Assemble.

What do think when you see other people embarking on counselling, therapy or coaching support?
I could never do that? My problems aren’t that bad? Who would want to listen to me? If so, you are not alone.

So many people – just like you – feel that their life is not ‘bad’ enough to ask for help, that their ‘story’ is not worth sharing or that ‘others have it worse’ and I have to say they are both right and wrong!

Of course there will always be those who have suffered more, but that doesn’t mean you have not suffered. Just as there will always be those who achieve more, but that in no way means you have not achieved.

Can you see how a lifetime of comparisonitis has left us frozen and stuck, with no way out – except to buy our way happy? And we all know that consumerism as a fix is way outdated!

When the headlines are so lurid, and the tales of suffering so visceral, it is easy to think back to our own life experience and think ‘It wasn’t so bad.’ And this can be a positive approach if you are working on acceptance and remaining calm in the moment. There is nothing wrong with brushing yourself off and simply getting on with life – until it stops working for you.
If you are finding yourself in a loop for the third, fourth or even fifth time – it may be time to get help.

If your mental, physical or emotional health is affected and in impacting your every day life, and your relationships, it is time to get help.If you are overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, self loathing or suicidal ideologies, then it is time to get help.Now, getting help does not mean seeking out a fix: You are not broken.Help, in this context simply means finding a safe place in which to talk about how you are feeling, how it may be impacting on your life and what triggers are constantly being brought up for you.

We hear a lot these days about Triggers and it is a good that we now understand how our emotional selves operate within the confines of the human body.
As we relate to others it is easy for someone to say or do something which reminds us of a situation in the past – a situation which, at the time, caused us to become hyper vigilant, encouraged us to ‘read a situation and act accordingly’ and also fed our sense of fear and danger.

Life is not safe if you are constantly running on adrenaline.

Life is not safe if you fear the opinions of those around you.

Life is not safe if you fear rejection from your family of origin yet do everything you can to protect them from your awareness.

When adults manipulate children into coercive behaviours those children grow up with a warped sense of right and wrong, they over compensate, spend a lot of time and energy projecting into the future in order to head off any possible threat, and can retreat into a fantasy land of make believe in order to survive.

For many of us that fantasy land of make believe became our real lives as we slowly became attuned to subtle energies, the thoughts and feelings of those around us, we could read the adults even when we could not really interpret what we were reading. Too many times we spoke up in innocence and truth only to observe the fall out of our honesty, the reactions of those around us and the anger and fear they all experienced as we revealed family secrets we didn’t know we were keeping.

Practically every adult I know has ‘A Story’ no matter how dramatic or tame, no matter how long or short, we have all experienced our own journey and learned to cope with life through the lens of our own personal experience.
If your memories, childhood, traumatic experiences or losses are still replaying in your mind and heart today; getting in the way of your relationship with your partner; affecting your relationship with your kids; preventing you from having a relationship with your family of origin, and leaving you feeling guilty and shameful, then I want you to know: you are not alone and you do not have to face it alone.

For my part I offer support to those Earth Angels who learned at an early age to be hyper vigilant,m overly sensitive, read minds, read the room and hold a deep knowing of the TRUTH of any situation.

I help artists get their pictures onto the page and those pages out into the world – with confidence.

I help healers, psychic and mediums to hone their skills, trust in their abilities and bring those gifts to the world, in confidence and humility.

I help writers express their story, in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, as a screenplay, a comedy show or in an online blog. And share their work with pride and confidence.

I help Earth Angels care for their wings.

Angel, are you still trying to fly solo? Don’t you know no angel came here to do it all alone?
Remember before you came? Remember the briefing where they showed us the beauty that was earth, on a huge screen at the front of the room? Remember how we ‘Oohhhed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at the beauty of The Blue Planet, yet could feel a deep sadness permeating every part of her?

Do you remember how we asked ‘Why is Gaia so sad? Why is our beautiful Planet -Sister not joyous in her glory?And the Golden Angel of the heavens informed us that Gaia was indeed joyous but that her people were not – and we were needed on Earth in order to help all of humanity make their way through the golden gateway into the future that lay ahead of them.

I’m pretty sure that I phased out a bit at that part and stopped paying attention, I heard something about a ‘Mission to Earth’ where we were needed to ‘Shine our light’ and of course I signed up – who wouldn’t? That place had water! We could go swimming!!! Then I arrived!

Photo by Gaston Roulstone on Unsplash

Instantly I got the feeling I had forgotten something …In fact I had forgotten most things but mostly I had not realised that our ‘trip to earth’ was quite so, how can i put this… permanent?

As we stood in line to sign up and go through the portal I had failed to read the small print which committed us all as Soul Aspects on Earth for One Full Lifetime.Oh sure there was a whole bunch of me still in the angelic realm, and a whole clusterfuck of my brilliance filling the galaxy, in realms these humans could not even imagine, BUT the part of me that incarnated was, to all intents and purposed ‘trapped’ and there was only one way out.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound ungrateful, its just that becoming housed in a physical body after aeons floating in the angelic realms can feel somewhat restrictive to say the least.

It is only in recent years that I realised that my angelic self actually misunderstood the mission entirely (a pattern I was to repeat regularly throughout my earthly life actually) and had somehow got the idea that we were simply popping in – shining around a bit, cheering everybody up then going straight back.

A celestial day trip if you like: A trip to the cosmic lido! It would be fun!

It isn’t fun.Well, mostly not fun. There are fun bits, I grant you – but on the whole, earth appears to be like one long master degree with practicals every day and one eternal thesis constantly being written that will only get handed in when you draw you final breath.

I do understand that life gets better when we gather together – there is certainly nothing better on earth than to meet a sister or a brother (you guys are SO hung up on the gender thing,aren’t you) although a lot of our Rainbow children are really screwing with that idea, lol: Go Rainbows!

To that end so many of us are drawn to seek out and support our brethren in order that as many of us awaken to our true nature and set to work achieving our mission: which is of course, to raise the vibration, heal the dark spots and strengthen the resolve of the humans on the planet to bring her safely through the celestial gateway and rebirth her as a golden planet. No Biggie!

to be continued….

Published by Roberta Smart

An Intuitive Empath, I am a heart-centred Life Coach, healer and intuitive reader. I offer Coaching using the 7 words system to enable clients to communicate honestly, openly and from the heart.

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