So many of my clients ask me ‘How did you know you were gifted?’ or ‘When did you first know you were psychic?’ or versions there of.

So I decided to take some time out to a ‘Childhood Visitation Meditation’ and explore the breadcrumbs I left scattered throughout my life which pointed to my awareness of Spirit, Magic and A Greater Self.

The Mirror always fascinated me as as child. I used to press my nose up close to the mirror in the hall, at the foot of the stairs and try to peer around the edges, convinced that there was another world on the other side; a world that looked like mine but was a happier, friendlier place. I felt like I belonged in there but was trapped in here.

I often pondered whether my dreams were actually ‘The Real World’ and that this life of struggle and fear was in fact ‘Just a bad dream’ – now I know how right I was!

I was a lonely child and played in my own world and imagination – coupled with a deep sense of feeling that led me to cry myself to sleep most nights, hiding this truth from my parents who were so wrapped up in their own misery they couldn’t see past their noses. I played outside and saw spirits, fairies, guides and angels constantly, but interpreted these phenomenon as just my imagination in fact I actually believed  was making it all up.

At an early age used to offer to heal people and put my hands on their heads or shoulders to heal their pains. Again I truly believed I was faking yet they reported a sense of relief and ease. This was long before the world talked about Reiki or Energy Work – it wads the early 80’s when the UK was reeling from depression and struggle. No wonder I had no idea of my true potential.

I grew up in a grey world, a post war city rebuilt in grey concrete, filled with urban minds and hearts where you went to work to pay the bills not to enjoy yourself and performance art was seen as an expensive hobby.

Ads a child I used to go horse riding once a week, again pretending that I could communicate psychically with my horse – only learning in recent years that I did in fact have psychic bond with the animals and all my pretending was 100% real! I loved animals and yearned for a pony or a dog of my own – I needed a friend, someone to love and trust, that loved me too. I now realise that this was a massive sound to my soul, to be so alone for so long actually left me with scars I have struggled to heal. I fully believe that if I had been offered that relationship in childhood, I could have avoided a whole heap of mental health problems in the future.

A short example of my childhood visitation meditation

So that is a snapshot of my early life – and a realisation that when you kids come to you with tall tales and vivid imaginations please do not discount them simply because you cannot relate: after all would you negate the story of a foreign person simply because you could not relate to his homeland, culture or language? Of course not – your children are no different. Contrary to popular opinion, in the main children do not LIE! They will deny their own behaviours to avoid trouble – of course – every intelligent human knows do do this – but in the main, children do not simply create falsehoods out of nowhere – everything they say they have seen, heard, felt or understood is grounded in a truth. Their Truth.

You can book your personal Soul Session with me here where we can explore our Magical Beginnings and reconnect you with your soul purpose.

Published by Roberta Smart

An Intuitive Empath, I am a heart-centred Life Coach, healer and intuitive reader. I offer Coaching using the 7 words system to enable clients to communicate honestly, openly and from the heart.

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