The Shape of You

We live in a square world. Where everything comes in its own box, in instantly definable by its regularity, it’s normalness.

But what of you?

At school did you struggle to fit into the tiny square regular space you were allocated? Did you push against the sides with determined feet, teeth gritted in fierce insistence that you needed more room

Were you scolded for talking too loudly or too Much?

Did you scribble in the margins as you stared out if the window, struggling to hold onto consciousness as your teachers voice droned on and on and zzzz

‘Wake Up!’ SLAM!

Rage, chaos and laughter errupt around you as you fall uncertainly back into your body from a place beyond time…

‘Could try harder’ the constant refrain. The squares are convinced that all we need to do to make better for everyone (for them) is for us to try harder.

But you. You can’t do any more.

You tell the truth (You tell all our secrets)

You stay quiet (You are so grumpy)

You join in (You’re not good enough)

You avoid (You’re weird)

Honey, you ain’t never gonna fit in round here, and here’s the reason why: you are not a square!

You Are a hexagon. And you can try all you like, no matter how tightly you pack yourself in, there will be he is and sharp edges, and they won’t like it.

People like us need to be with our kind, circles, curves, those of us with space and room and a flexible approach to life. We are not made to live in square boxes.

And you my friend, odd yet wonderfully useful, when you find your tribe, just look at what you can achieve. Why, you can build anything if you all pull togerher. So strong, so stable and so beautiful.

Who wants to be a square anyway?

Find your own shape. Then find your tribe then make a world to suit everything you are.


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