How being placed in Facebook Jail finally woke me up!


It was a shock, I have to admit – to find my posting privileges revokes yet again, after two recent spells in Facebook clink.

The first two infringements, for 3 and 6 days respectively, stemmed from some rather over-zealous activity rather than anything remotely sinister, I might add. This time however I have no clue as to what crimes I am supposed to have committed and I now find my account totally blocked, denying me any access to my own words, photo’s clients, contacts, groups or pages.

My initial reaction was pure shock. Followed by tears of grief before swiftly embracing the opportunity to get some ‘real work’ done rather than simply scrolling endlessly and commenting meaningfully in other peoples spaces.

I have already created two images, updated Instagram, messaged some key players in my virtual world, had a Reiki top-up and written a blog post. Yay me!

I am now lining up more live broadcasts on my You Tube Channel and looking at building up my Instagram profile, as well as sharing more information via Linkedin and looking at taking my work into small businesses.

You Tube Art Banner

The biggest effect for me though is the realisation that we really do ‘get what we ask for’ and not always in the way in which we imagine. Only yesterday morning I was bemoaning my Facebook addiction and threatening to step away to get some ‘real work’ done. Within two hours of saying that it happened. For reals!

Now I have been offering Facebook Lives every Saturday at 6pm for about a year now and I am sad to be unable to turn up for my tribe. I have contacted as many as possible and am now dithering about whether to go LIVE on Instagram or You Tube to allow as many as possible and as I write this I know the answer – it is You Tube where the videos will stay safe and live for anyone to watch whenever they wish.

I am now looking at the other parts of my life which I have slipped into addition or at least bad habits: –

My diet perhaps? Time to ditch the carb addiction and get into smoothie bowls and veg-based meals. Quit caffeine and cake! And learn to enjoy drinking water.

My exercise or lack of? If I move more in a committed manner I will not want to over indulge in bad foods and will also want to drink more water – so that is a natural link I could pick up on. I do like finding the breadcrumbs of ease within any challenge or puzzle.

My Willingness to give away my expertise yet feel the pain of insufficient income – it’s not rocket science is it? Why not try sharing a Paypal button with every interaction as standard? Making the Pay Here Button part of my identity rather than the ‘she’s a good egg’ version of myself who appears to be running the show at the moment.

My many, many ideas which have not yet borne fruit because I did not prioritise them or give them the attention they needed? Lets look at those shall we?

  • There is The Book Of Woo, children’s story project, all ready and waiting to come to life, simply awaiting my magic touch and the breath of life from my words.
  • The membership site I am craving – a community space for creatives and customers alike, a place to share our skills, support each other and offer our wares to the public in full support of our club.
  • My biggest dream of course is to travel, speak and deliver wisdom, teachings and guidance and get to see the world. I am currently planning a trip to the USA to meet up with a few of my sisters stateside and see the Fleetwood Mac Tour. That’s the dream – now lets make it happen. (I am convinced that the more often I say this, the more likely it is to happen – watch this space)


I am still offering my 121 sessions, guided meditations, and readings featuring my own Hidden Pathways Oracle Deck. You can book a session at and buy your own deck there too. Angelic Bundles featuring Angelic Magic Calendar and Oracle Deck are still available if you would like to invite the angels into your home.

There is so much more to life than this – and if you are feeling lost, confused or in need of a safe space to share our Truth, book a session with me, what have you got to lose? I promise – you will feel amazing and see yourself in a whole new light – yes I truly AM that good!

Talk to you soon,



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