From Magdalene to Jezebel the rise of the revolting woman


I can no longer ignore what is painfully obvious. SHE is calling. Ever louder. Ever  more urgently. Demanding my attention. So now she has it. I can now hear what I refused to hear, and it hurts. The slights, the slander, the insinuations, I now see them all. She is indeed revolting, revolting against years of silencing, of masking, of covering and whitewashing. Now SHE is calling us all to revolt and take up arms against our oppressors, so are you ready?

I must admit it has taken me a good while to awaken to feminism, the the Rise of SHE and to heed the call. Now everywhere I look she is calling, screaming ‘Look at me!’ ‘See me!’ Urging me ‘Do not turn away again – you need me’ and I have to agree.

In the last 24 hours I  have been visited by Mary Magdalene ( who until very recently I literally rejected with all of my being as a religious connotation and some fanciful illusion – for that I am so very sorry); Mata Hari, famed for her own seductive ways, her sexual confidence and ability to shape shift in front of the very men who sought to control her; and Jezebel, brought forward as the wicked temptress within the temple who will lead you astray into wicked abandon of The Right Road.

A little research reveals Mata Hari as a consummate survivor who was ultimately shot in order to appease a losing nation. Held up as the archetype of disloyalty and dishonour she now lingers within our psyche as the go-to representation of deceiver and mistrust. Oh brave and wild woman – I hear you, I see you and I accept you for the wonder you are.

Magdalene is an amalgam of so many tales, ideals and preconceptions that is is almost impossible to discuss her in a straight line! For the consideration of this conversation, however, I shall look upon her as a consort to Jesus, a liberated, powerful woman, a priestess who had her own temple and following and who revered the passion, the body and the kundalini with her church, a woman of body as much as of spirit.

The archetypes are calling, the power types are crying out to be recognised; women the world over are throwing off the shackles of convention and releasing their inner wild woman, refusing to be quieted any longer, embracing the fullness of their power and singing at the top of their lungs  I AM HERE.


Only yesterday I was attending my Red Tent meeting and we shared the insight of some cards. The cards  told me of my Readiness and my Personal Power – two messages I could feel surging within me. The Picture cards were assigned randomly before I arrived and I discovered my messages as follows:

Firstly BAST the cat goddess who talked of the gift of being Independent

‘My Independence being a foundation for my strength and success.’

The perfect message for someone beginning to step out of the bounds of family responsibilities to embrace a bigger vision.

THE SHEKINAH spoke of The Sacred Self, and urged me to

‘Unleash my Spirit, Express my gifts, Dance to the sacred Rhythm of Life’

From the Archangel Michael Deck – and lets face it, who can argue with Doreen Virtue, right? (cue hollow laugh) my message was

Use Your Imagination…and you’ll see the answer


Which is very interesting as my own recent guest appearance on a Summit entitles Rebel Rise was talking about Imagination. A coincidence? I think not. (proof – if any wrebelrise selfieere needed that no matter my cynicism, the messages still manage to get through!!!)

The overwhelming realisation then is this: The Feminine Line is Rising. Our ancestors are calling down through the ages to us in the now, urging us to make a stand, to come together, to gather in unity and demand our place on the throne.



It is no coincidence that we, in Britain are celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage and asking difficult questions about what is good and what is bad, what is a rebellion and what is terrorism, in an age when we are seeing children firing on children in schools in the USA, and girls in third world countries still denied an education because of their menstruation.

There is no more room for tolerance, for looking away, for simply being grateful that it isn’t us. No, now is our time to make a stand. To embrace our sisters across the globe. To call for health and welfare of all. For clean water above government corruption. And to shout down the likes of NESTLE who DARE to consider that water is not a human right but a commodity to be traded and fought over.

Sisters heed the call. Please. Join the cause. Gather together in your community. Gather online with sisters across the world. Read history. Learn about your forebears. Hold them high in your mind, share their images far and wide. Bring your love and light to the world through your message, your art, your song, your dance, your food or your healing.

Stand proud in the light of your own journey and own your sovereignty without shame or fear. Let us see you and we shall exult you as the Goddess you are. No matter what age, shape, colour, religion. Goddess it is your time to shine!alex-blajan-223426







Published by Roberta Smart

An Intuitive Empath, I am a heart-centred Life Coach, healer and intuitive reader. I offer Coaching using the 7 words system to enable clients to communicate honestly, openly and from the heart.

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