How being placed in Facebook Jail finally woke me up!

It was a shock, I have to admit – to find my posting privileges revokes yet again, after two recent spells in Facebook clink. The first two infringements, for 3 and 6 days respectively, stemmed from some rather over-zealous activity rather than anything remotely sinister, I might add. This time however I have no clue as […]

From Magdalene to Jezebel the rise of the revolting woman

I can no longer ignore what is painfully obvious. SHE is calling. Ever louder. Ever  more urgently. Demanding my attention. So now she has it. I can now hear what I refused to hear, and it hurts. The slights, the slander, the insinuations, I now see them all. She is indeed revolting, revolting against years of silencing, […]