Monthly Forecast. January.


Like many people, I love to draw oracle or Tarot cards to assess the vibration of my year ahead. I often do this at Samhain, or on my Birthday, but this year I have waited until January to pull my cards.

I generally pick Power Animal Cards for my annual oracle, and have in the past used Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Workbooks, drawing my oracle into the spaces provided, a lovely way to infuse art into my meditation and planning practices.

Since I launched my own Oracle Deck Hidden Pathways Oracle, I decided to include it in my yearly pull. Using my pendulum I chose the Earth Magic Oracle Deck from Steven D. Farmer together with my Womanrunes from Molly Remer at Brigids Grove.

Each set of cards represents the vibration, message and guidance for that particular month. Rather than hide them away in  a workbook I decided to capture the images and utilise this platform to share my ideas, have a great easy to access reference point and also encourage others to use the systems too.

So here is January. Featured first  is THE STONE PEOPLE  (Vigilance)which asks me to be aware, within and without. To listen to my body, be aware of the synchronicity of life and follow the breadcrumbs when my intuition tells me to.

The Hidden Pathways Card VALUING, comes from the suit of THANKS (For more info on my system check out this post Using 7 Words Oracle to find calm in the Storm ) and calls me to explore my values, and again, follow only that which truly resonates with my own value system (both cards urging me to not follow the whims and desires of others, but rather look within for the truth of where I am heading.)

Notice the images in both cards are of distance, of suggestion rather than detail, both images draw us to look at the sky (Universal All, god, truth light) rather than focus on the microcosm of earthly matters. The stone people reflect ancient knowledge deeply held, whereas the deer silhouetted against an African Sunset reminds us of innocence, momentary bliss and wonder – a childlike innocence set against the wisdom of age…perfect guidance for the inner self.

The Womanrune is that of The Sun. the rune of healing, rejuvenation, recreation, play and radiance. it echoes the joy and beauty of the Valuing Card as well as invoking the childlike sense of wonder of play amid the ancients when we go rock pooling, exploring or rock climbing, testing ourselves to the limits within natures playground.

From this I can surmise that the energy I am to gather is inward looking, ironic as I pulled this beneath a wonderful Super moon and am fully charged and raring to go.

I am already mapping out big plans, yet this oracle reminds me not to go chasing shiny objects but rather to trust my instincts, follow my heart and soul and listen to the guidance that I am always receiving from my own Higher Self in order to get the most out of any situation. wp-image-1239448305

What do you think? Do you pull cards for the year? Have you always wanted to but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn what the year ahead holds for you?

I am offering a 12 Month Forecast here. You can order online and I will send you a full reading, complete with images, detailed explanations, and intuitive guidance straight to your inbox within one week of order. (I do get very busy at this time of year as you can imagine)

I am always creating new and exciting ways to access my intuition and offer many ways to illuminate your pathway forward. Keep in touch


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