2018 Sees The Launch of Something Big

I’m feeling the pull.

The desire within me to create something new. Something Big. Something rather wonderful

I want to create a community platform. A gathering place-like a club. You know in the old days, a club was opened and all the local musicians could come and jam and hang out and, create together. I want that.

But 2017 style. Where ‘local’ is as wide as the Atlantic and musicians are creative’s of all kinds; writers, poets, artists and performers.

And this isn’t just any club, this club is special. Because it is filled with MAGIC.

In this club we have healers and energy workers, priestesses and magicians, witches and fairies, earth angels, fallen angels, wingless angels and more besides.

From this space I want to offer several things:

  • A stage; a platform from which to speak, to demonstrate, to perform.
  • A library to share your writing, offer your book, your article, your guidebook or your script, and a reading room where everyone can lounge in their pyjamas and get stuck in.
  • There will be a gallery of artworks from masterpieces to 5 minute sketches. Outlines, scribbles and print-your-own colouring pages.

We shall have workshops as diverse as How to become a Zombie – stage makeup for the fainthearted.

Or Energy Magic: How to connect with the guides of the forest.

How about ‘Meet Yourself Where You Are: A deep dive within to discover hidden treasure using meditation, visualisation and a little Angel magic.

The offerings shall be a mixture of Free Tasters and Paid Services. This club has bills to pay, so do all our guests, so our audience will be asked to join the club, support our space, get involved in the promotion of events and as a reward patrons will be invited ti celebrate with us at our VIP Solstice Parties and Online Retreats-featuring some of The Best Offerings we can source.

I can’t wait to get started and am looking for collaborators to help me get up and running.

So if you are a…Tech Goddess, Promotion Queen or Mistress of the Little Black Book I want to hear from you.

And you.

And most definitely YOU!


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