You Are The Answer TO Your Own Prayer

This is possibly the most profound post I have ever written.

This ‘download’, the instant revelation that fell out of my mouth before I even had the chance to think about it, gave me goosebumps and it really illuminated a Great Truth for me.

You are the answer to your own prayer. That is your soul purpose. To see, understand, think, act and express your true self is all you came here to do and the universe (which only ever works in your favour and for your highest good) conspires in, through and around you to bring you reminders on the regular of how you can express your Soul through your thoughts words and deeds! It is so ridiculously simple I canot believe I never saw this before!

(If you want to see how it all went down, checkout my facebook live here: The Revelation and more )

This intense revelation came to me as a Global Truth that must be shared: it’s not mine it is everyone’s yet evidently not everyone is aware of it, so it is my job to share this. To speak it out loud. To write it down.

I have long been recognised as a writer but my love of performance has never left me and lately it is becoming abundantly clear (great words) that my forte is in speaking directly to my audience, connecting  with them heart and soul and offering true and meaningful insight into where they are and how they can get what they want most in the world.

My incredible Tribe offer me the pathway to follow, with every question, with every limitation, with every wound they offer me a pathways forward – yes!  a Hidden Pathway that I need to follow in order to serve them. As I connect with them and feel into their pain point I am made aware of their next steps – and others can follow along. I am also given pointers to share to keep  them safe, and hold them as they step forward into the unknown. This is the ‘training’ aspect of what I do. I offer tools, techniques, tips and hints that they can pop into their satchel before they begin their journey.

  • Breathing techniques to quieten the mind and recentre the body.
  • Affirmations to repeat like a mantra to remember who they are and why they are here.
  • Secrets of the way ahead, what to do when faced with an impassable obstacle, how to overcome fear and fatigue and what they are tasked to gain along the journey.

When I pulled the Prayer Card for Nikki I felt an immense download flow through me and before I knew it I was sharing The Truth like never before.Prayer Pic (2)

The idea that, as a Christian Woman Nikki was often sending up prayers, yet this picture reflected not her requests – as the original version of this card showed a tree with prayer cloths tied to it, but this reviewed version represented the tree as the answer to the prayers, I suddenly say Nikki as The Answer to All Her Own Prayers. This was the revelation:

You are the answer to your own prayers.

Nikki is a mother and an educator in the States. She has written a book entitled How To Win As Principle, and is on a mission to reform education for children of colour, who currently receive under funding, under investment and are under achieving because no one expects anything of them. It is endemic!

I realised as I spoke that Nikki was indeed answering her own prayer.

By receiving the awareness of the problem – as a mother of a black child she sees it firsthand within her community. And as a black educator within a mainly white profession she feels the racial inequality keenly. So if we use the 7 words system that I am renowned for we can break down each of the states into four segments: The Spiritual Nudge, The Thought Process, The physical Manifestation and the Expression of the Soul.

No matter who you are this is happening to you each and every day whether you know it or not! This is the law of attraction. This is God in action. This is why crappy things happen in the world. This is why there is no GOOD or BAD there just is what is and it is up to us to live through it according to our soul purpose.



So Spirit (the universe, god, the light – call it what you will) brings you a sense of discomfort as the world pushes against your personal BOUNDARIES. With this sense of suffering you finds your ATTENTION pulled toward a certain issue, situation, occurrence etc. You finds within you a deep APPRECIATION for the suffering of others and comes to a  purposeful Realisation that something has to change. This then seeds the VISION within you and ignites a strong sense of self RESPONSIBILITY which then leads to you acknowledging you is being given PERMISSION by the universe to act on this new understanding! All of this is the way the universe acts upon us, swirling around us as energetic ebbs and flows of pictures, words, feelings, emotions, reactions and memories.

The Mental Plane


Soon we begin to catalyse these swirling sensations into thought forms as our personal IDENTITY creates certain thoughts, ideas, questions and answers within our mind. We create a sense of OPENNESS and allow many concepts to filter through offering ways and methods, suggestions , solutions, even more problems as we sift through the sands of time and space. We become aware of what we VALUE most and that helps us lean in one direction or another as we contemplate the endless possibilities we are faced with.  Now it is time to make a DECISION, what are we going to do? We then set out INTENTION and set forth in one direction, planning, plotting and directing our thoughts. WE are overcome with REMORSE for the suffering of others and this leads us onward toward a greater Truth than we ever thought possible. Our bliss is then found within the peaceful ACCEPTANCE of these ideas within our mind – no longer cluttered  but crystal clear and focused.

Let’s Get Physical


Our next step is take action, and we begin by making a clear and concise CHOICE. What exactly are we here to do? We gather information to build our project by EXCHANGING stories, skills and expertise with others. Then comes the act of GIVING it might be charitable, it might be professional but we give of ourselves so that we might be of service to to others. We keep going until we feel we have reached a state of COMPLETION. This may take weeks months or years and require the CO-OPERATION of others in order to succeed. As we progress in our perfectly imperfect way we may veer off course and be asked to REPAIR our misdeeds before we fall into an aligned AGREEMENT within ourselves or with others.



Soul Work


So the Spirit inspires, the Mind conceives and the Body acts – but why? So that we might enact our Soul Purpose, our reason for being, the holy grail of WHY that we are all searching for day in and day out. What is my purpose you cry? And here it is in a nutshell:

Your Souls Purpose is to tell the TRUTH.It is to find  a space of COMMUNION with all the parts of yourself in prefect balance, harmony, ease and grace. It is to share and declare your HEART ESSENCE through your every thought word and deed, living in constant flow of MOVING ON. This is your PRAYER answered, the reason you were triggered by what you saw, what you heard, what you discovered, so that you could act upon it and find a way to RELEASE as inner turmoil and SURRENDER to the highest form of you. 


Effortlessly, easily, beautifully and blissfully.


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