Sacred Secrets

Day 23 of the blogalong challenge from Effy Wild is a call to share about something I consider sacred.

Let’s list:

♤Music ♡Sleep ◇Dance ♧Trees ♤My Intuition ♡Birds ◇The Truth♧

So why are these things above all others considered sacred to my soul?

Music transports me, bringing forgotten feelings rushing to the surface to be witnessed. I hate to have disturbances whilst listening to a favourite track, especially if I am singing along.

Similarly I cannot bear to be woken from my sleep, it feels like a violation, a cruel torture. In sleep I can traverse worlds, be sovereign in my own lands, design my life exactly as I wish it to be.

Dance, whether my own or the flying forms of others, raises me up to the heights of my own potential. In dance I am loose-limbed, open-hearted, free of all burdens, desirable and beautiful, even if only in my own mind. The sacred connection of my body’s creativity and the divine essence blesses the dance with sacred sensuality.

The trees are my church and as such contain the full sacred essence assigned to that most holy of places. In the forest I talk to The Goddess, receive guidance from the elementals and reconnect with my inner child, sacred work indeed.

Amid all the things I hold most sacred is the whispering of my own Intuition. My still small voice (that often shouts, uses curse words in epic proportions and has a warped and twisted sense of humour) is, was and always will be the most sacred element of my life.

It is the skill which holds my family relationships together when my mind is falling apart, it is the key to my souls work and my livelihood and it is the reason I can trust in myself to earn my living from home, doing what I love.

Such sacred stuff we women weave to live our lives of authenticity.

Birds bring such joy to my life; watching songbirds flit about the garden, gazing at Eagles on the wing, listening to the dawn chorus as the sun rises or meditating on the Grebes floating soulfully on the lake.

And so to The Truth: The one thing in life which is Sacred to us all, which we all value above all else, yet struggle incessantly to honour. The Truth can be found as a sacred secret in the mundane and the magical, in a song offered as prayer, in a dance offered in exaltation, in The Forest amid the Birds and in the soft caress of creeping slumber.

And so…to bed.

Published by Roberta Smart

An Intuitive Empath, I am a heart-centred Life Coach, healer and intuitive reader. I offer Coaching using the 7 words system to enable clients to communicate honestly, openly and from the heart.

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