Friday. Finally.

So I took a couple of days away from Da Blogosphere and Feel bloody awful. It really helps get my day started well to dig in and write here, but time and life kinda got in the way.

What was I doing instead? Reading, mostly. But not good books or focused study, oh no, I’ve been stuffing my head with Junk Words: emails, FB Posts, Social Media updates and scribbled notes. Ugh. I feel fat!

To back up that I am once again feeling disconnected, disenchanted, frustrated and lost. This happens every time. Without fail. When I eschew social media bingeing and instead, commit to creating and self expression, I feel clear, confident and cared for: My relationships feel more fulfilling and my mind is calm. Much like following a good diet and regular exercise regime: the results speak for themselves.

Whilst working with my coach, I discovered a newfound sense of purpose; I was focused, confident, busy, had a real schedule and was creating real momentum in my life and business. Props to Tamara Arnold The Enchanted Fairy, Author and all round Sweetie-Pie.

This weekend I’m meeting with Owen Jones of Health Heroes, to discuss his incredible project and hopefully join the crew. Owen has a dream of bringing alternative therapies/ holistic healing to those in need: kids, elderly, financially struggling, etc. He has launched a foundation and is creating a movement here in the South West. Please tell him Roberta sent you 😉.

Then it’s Planning Time. (Grits my teeth with ruthless determination) Meal Planning & Exercise Schedule. Work Routine Daily Planning:

  1. To- Do;
  2. To Practice & Perfect;
  3. To Write;
  4. To Finish.

I hope next week will be brighter, more productive, and feature a few adventures in nature.

See you later!


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