Freebie Time?


Todays prompt in Blogalong with Effy Wild was to share something we have made, created or offered, for free to our lovely readers, and I can’t believe I have not thought of this before.

I have  been ‘doing readings’ for people for over 20 years and tried many ways to create a business out of my work, some adventures were more successful than others but all previous incarnations have left me a little wanting if I am honest. The problem with working within the area of psychic healing; energy, intuition etc is that it can often feel  – well – unsubstantial; people want to hear messages from spirit but are not willing to hear the biggest truth that will set them free: highly frustrating!

A lot of mud has been thrown around within the Spiritual World recently, about fakery and inauthenticity which only added to my malaise (chuck in a depressive illness and low self esteem and you have the makings of a great Tim Burton Film but not such a profitable business), anyhoo, I digress.

I recently embarked on the joyride of Going Pro and signed up with a coach who gave me just the nudge I needed, thanks Tamara Arnold, I managed to take a long hard look at my gift and realise where I had been going wrong , and more importantly SORT IT OUT! The answer (ironically) was

Stop Giving It Away!!!

You see for years I gave my gift of time, energy, empathy, wisdom, channelled information and healing to anyone who would listen. I had no boundaries, no sense of self and lacked the confidence to truly own my gift let alone manage it responsibly.

I was great at what I did – and my friends and customers enjoyed my work, but something was missing, and it took me until very recently to realise what that was!

You see there is a vital step between my having a gift and someone deciding they want to accept my help – and that step is Relationship!

I gave up doing Tarot Readings as a subject long ago because I realised that people may want a quick fix and a sharp answer, but what they really need is the confidence to step up and be seen; the Personal Power to embrace Their Truth and the Support to believe that this could be possible for them, and that takes time, commitment and a considerable investment, now I simply use cards, runes, words or other tools to illustrate the guidance I am naturally inclined to share – the Truth, the Light and the Inspiration that really matters.


(Harry Potter Magical Picture – like it?)

It took me to invest in myself, to put my money where my mouth was, to spend it before I made it and all the other money-related cliches before I saw results, not only in my business but within myself.

The biggest revelations was that I now Trust myself. I know I can follow through for me –  not only for my clients. I know I can meet my own needs, pay my own bills, take full responsibility for my own investments and I can do what I said I would do.

Now that my relationship with myself is as good as it has ever been I know I am able to authentically guide and support others. I am Living my Truth and as my boundaries are strong, I am able to genuinely empathise with all of my clients, and celebrate their great bravery when they commit to working with me.

It’s not about the money. Not for them and certainly not for me: it never is! But we think  it is. We think we can’t afford help. We can’t afford a coach, a teacher or a mentor, when we also know, deep down inside that we are really saying  I don’t deserve help, I can’t be trusted, I never follow through. Well I call BULLSHIT on that!

Which brings me, finally, after much dancing around and changing of metaphorical partners, to my  Free Offer for you! Please accept my invitation to:

  1. Friend me on Facebook (so we can communicate with out our messages going into the fires of abandonment hell)
  2. Send me a message to say ‘Hi I loved your post, you are a brilliant writer, I am a raving fan, oh and could I grab one of your FREE INTUITIVE SESSIONS PLEASE?’ (or words to that effect – you get the general idea)
  3. Make an appointment with me, and meet me on Skype or FB Messenger Video Call where we can, drink, tea, talk about where you are and what’s going down and I can let you know what’s available – should you feel the burning desire to work with me or simply tell all your friends. (Knowledge is Power, people, knowledge is power!)


Each FREE Intuitive Session last between 45 – 60 minutes. You will be safe and held throughout although I do recommend bringing tissues…it can get drippy – just sayin’. I love meeting new people and this gives me a genuine way to gift you something and get my message out there – but don’t worry, there are no sleazy sales tactics – I am seriously allergic to those and am liable to contract some hideous brain fungus if I even try. Ugh!

I really look forward to chatting with you and learning more about your life, your art, your writing, your hopes and dreams and sharing some of my highest Wisdom about how you could just make them come true!

until then,

Sweet dreams and don’t be a stranger x



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