I had a dream

And as Effy invited us to share a dream we gave up and where it brought us in our blogalong I guess it’s time to ‘fess up: I’m living my dream..I’ve never given up on any of them and I’m always achieving more every day.

As a kid I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but I always erred toward Teaching, Writing and Performing.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since childhood – everyone said I had a good imagination and a way with words and I’m now a contributor for a local magazine, writing a monthly Parenting and Guardianship Column. You can find my column and loads of great content here The Local Answer. I’m writing here of course and have more poems and short stories filling endless notebooks in my office.

Now, I’m an Intuitive Life Coach, I write for my clients and to share wisdom and insight, and if you’ve ever caught one if my Facebook Lives you’ll know I’m a true performer at heart. I still fancy being a comedian and love to make people laugh, I have had the opportunity to do some podium work at Spiritualist nights and I always get a Titter.

I always wanted my own pony and last year I met a new friend who not only shares my love of Woo, but also owns a herd yes a whole herd of ponies. Now we are planning projects together bringing my intuition, coaching and business experience together with her skills in natural horsemanship, and together we are achieving a dream I’ve had for over ten years- to offer Horse Therapy Experiences to clients! Whoop

Sidenote: she’s a cosplay queen and fellow thespian so we couldn’t be more in tune as I’ve always been a bit of a showgirl and love nothing more than being on the stage.

I was blessed to perform at Coventrys Belgrade Theatre on many occasions and to this day I tingle all over when I step into a theatre. Nothing beats life in a rehearsal room, creating stories, sharing ideas and bringing characters to life.

My only remaining dreams are hard to pin down, travel of course; I want to see everything, everywhere.

I want to ‘Do London’ and score some flashy well-paid gigs in the Big Smoke and I’d love to get invited to work abroad: New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam spring immediately to mind.

I guess I wouldn’t mind a bit if glamour and excitement to add to the pages of the biography I’m forever writing in my head and a few moments of wildness before I lose the will to play.

I aim to age disgracefully so there’s plenty of time yet, but if you are looking to book a slightly batty englishwoman writer, speaker and all round weirdo – I’m your girl!


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