It’s September!


I am diving deep this month and taking part in a Effy Wild’s Blogging challenge for September and as I am already a day late – I’ll thank Rachel Gathercole for the reminder – I am blogging from 2nd September to 2nd October. Why not join me? Jump into your blog space and get something down that you really want to say, every day for  a month. Not only is it a great personal practice (think Morning Pages) but you may even find you have created a new habit! I have been very lax about my writing practice and this is a great way for me to talk freely, share what mater to me and connect with you once again.

Lets start where we are, shall we?  It’s THAT time of year again, when we get all gooey over the colour of the trees, the shortening of the days and the prospect of wrapping up warm in the forthcoming winter. I LOVE September and can’t wait to get into the gnarly part of the year, when life feels vital and real and important.

As a mum, this is an odd September for me as it is the first since 2002 that I do not have a child going to school. My eldest, now 19 is working and my youngest, now 16 has completed her exams and left school. OK, she’s off to college, but without me!

Meanwhile, I am cracking on with growing my business, writing, creating, coaching, meeting new people and delivering my healing and coaching gifts wherever they are needed.Hello

My Oracle Deck ‘Hidden Pathways Oracle’ is almost ready after a long time of percolating in a half finished stupor. I am putting the finishing touches to the accompanying book and researching a sales process to ensure smooth running or a pre-order and delivery system.

I launched a coaching Programme called Diamonds in the Dust to embrace the wisdom of my Oracle Deck and a life of recovery from depression and anxiety and am now offering 8 weeks of intensive and personalised coaching to clients to bring them from confused and overwhelmed to clear and confident, and the results are incredible! (If you want more information please message me here Roberta Smart)

(Quick Reminder that I offer a FACEBOOK LIVE broadcast every SATURDAY at 6pm UTC – I would love for you to join me at the link above. I discuss a topic around healing, self love and self care, as well as drawing Oracle Cards from my New Deck to offer you some insight and illumination for the week ahead. I would LOVE to see you there, and please – let me know you found me here!)

So my Autumn will be spent writing, planning, coaching and creating. What about yours?





15 thoughts on “It’s September!

  1. My autumn is all reclaiming and recreating – I’m on a journey to find myself and to fully embody life as a writer/artist. I’m beginning straight after this post, with a walk in the sunshine….we’ve got an Indian Summer going on at the moment where I am in the world!


  2. Just read your blog post Roberta, good for you for jumping in even though a day late. I look forward to what you have to say, and wish you well on this journey. And I love your coffee cup with your name in the foam! Blessings!


  3. i too look forward to the beautiful colors of Fall but I am in NO WAY looking forward to cool/cold temperatures! Tis a shame I can’t get the Fall leave colors with the warmth of August… LOL Be sure to make time for you in all that you have listed to get done!


  4. My September is filled with hope as my autistic grandson is headed to preschool. I am excited for him to hopefully gain some language skills so he won’t be so frustrated when we can’t figure out what he wants.


    1. Oh darling what a journey. We can learn so much from those little Star Souls can’t We? They show us where were going wrong, how to reframe our expectations and learn to be accepting if evryones individual sparkle rather than expecting clones. Good luck to you all


  5. What and exciting and rewarding time for you and your girls! 16 and in college?! WOW!
    Best wishes on your ventures!

    My autumn will be throughly appreciated. It’s my favorite time of year. I hope to spend some of it preparing for the holiday season so that when the time is here I am able to really enjoy it.


    1. Bless you! ‘College’ here us post 16 education rather than doing A levels in school.
      At 18 she can apply to University or go into an apprenticeship and continue to learn whilst in work.
      She’s studying Travel & Tourism for the next 2 years while she figures out what she’s really interested in pursuing.

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  6. Roberta, so nice to meet you and read your post! You have some exciting things on the burner so to speak. I like the name of your coaching programme. Diamonds in the Dust. Certainly intriguing! Best wishes with all of that 🙂


  7. I kinda missed the hustle and bustle of back to school shopping when mine went to college and kinda not. It sounds like you are very busy with some exciting things going on it your life! Glad to be on this blogging journey with you.


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