I want.

Day 17 of the blogging challenge with Effy Wild Not the given prompt but a from-the-heart-declaration: I want to go on a mushroom hunt I want to kick up the autumn leaves I want a deeply passionate relationship with myself I want a solo adventure somewhere new. I want to regain my fitness and release […]

Freebie Time?

Todays prompt in Blogalong with Effy Wild was to share something we have made, created or offered, for free to our lovely readers, and I can’t believe I have not thought of this before. I have  been ‘doing readings’ for people for over 20 years and tried many ways to create a business out of my work, […]

My Life in Magenta

Day 9 of the Blogalong with Effy Wild and we were prompted to share something we have created which could be autobiographical. Searching my records, full of pictures of recent paintings in various states of refinement I happened upon this: I created this using digital imagery and exploring the concept of Layers of Truth. The […]

Karma – gift or curse?

When we are sick, struggling or feel unable to change the biggest of challenges in our life, is it Karma? Are we being punished for something? And what of ‘nice, kind’ people, why do they suffer? I was posed this question, indirectly, by Diane of whichsideoftherainbow  During our Blogalong challenge with EffyWild.com I wanted to explore Diane’s supposition […]