Feeling lost? the first step is…

getting out of your own way!

As soon as that fog of confusion descends we immediately fall into CONTROL FREAK MODE and try to solve the problem.
We run around seeking solutions, finding answers, following guru’s and signing up for yet more trainings on ‘how to…’ only to find ourselves overwhelmed, full of options with no idea which are the right ones for us.

Maddening isn’t it?

But there is another way.

A simple way to rediscover your flow and find your mojo once again. and it won’t cost you a dime.

The first step when confusion hits and you find yourself running in circles is to simply STOP! Stop what you are doing. Stop what you are thinking. And stop thinking that there is anything ‘out there’ that you need before you can feel better.

The second step – and this is so massively important I can hardly believe I have to say it – but BREATHE!

Until you dive deep into breath-work you cannot know how joyous the art of breathing truly is. It centres us, calms us, rejuvenates us, soothes us, energises us and – well basically – keeps us alive. There is NOTHING  more important in your self-healing toolbox than a nurturing breathing practice and if you take nothing else away from this article then please, take this: Practice breathing. Mindfully. Deeply. Slowly.

There is not a single element of my life where adjusting my breathing does not improve a situation – in my work, I often forget to breathe as I am concentrating on my writing – so if I feel I am losing focus, making too many errors or rambling – it’s a sure sign that I need to ‘check in’ with myself and correct my breathing, always remembering the golden rule: STOP, BREATHE 4,7,8, before continuing.

I hear so many of my business friends bemoaning their hectic schedule, claiming not to have enough hours in the day, so when I ask them how their breathing practice went, you can guarantee the answer is usually ‘What Breathing Practice? I hardly get time to pee!’ But that is the beauty of this – we have to STOP our focused activity in order to fully recharge, but… you don’t need to leave your desk if it’s tricky, you don’t need to go to class, or sign in to a webinar or get out your journal, all you have to do is check your posture and breathe – and my guess is everyone else in your office is already breathing so they won’t have much to say about it if they even notice.

So take those few moments to breathe deeply, nourishing yourself feeling your cells begin to fill with renewed energy, your mind clear and your focus sharpen, and watch your productivity soar!

This truly is the best FREE advice I can offer to anyone – but if you want more ideas and support on managing stress in the workplace, or keeping on top of your ever increasing to-do list whilst maintaining a semblance of sanity why not reach out to me and we will set up a free call to discuss where you are and where you want to go.


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