The Storyteller

How to make a living from telling stories:

I am and always have been an avid story teller. Some may call me a liar, or a fantasist. Others label me as having a  ‘vivid imagination’, all I know is that life makes no sense without a story to wrap around the happenings, a narrative to encapsulate all the comings and goings and create order out of the chaos.

As a child, making up stories was a way to entertain my mind in the endless lonely monotony of being an only child amongst an adult family with little time or interest in a child’s life. I was chronically lonely – my soul lesson I suppose, and this loneliness, and the depression it seeded within me, the low self esteem and lack of self worth which stems from being ignored and overlooked for so long, has led me to my life and work as an Empath.

Now, as an adult, with children of my own, I am driven to see, hear and know those around me. If I perceive others in pain I am driven to recognise it, and up until recently, absorb it, by way of being useful and finding my worth in the world.

of course such behaviour is unsustainable and eventually I got burned out by carrying the emotional burdens of all of those around me, and learned to protect myself and temper my willingness to take on others pains.

Now I use my sensitivities and talent in other ways, ways which offer solace and healing to others without my having to take on their burdens – a healthy, boundaries way to be of service.


I have decided to create a unique offering around my natural story telling abilities – using oracle or tarot cards, runes, etc to illustrate a story which i can then weave for you. Your very own allegory or adventure tale encompassing your inner world and the outer world.

I will share a few examples in this blog to test the reactions and see if they make sense, but I think a mixture of my intuitive messages along with the guidance of the cards could create some powerful storytelling and empowering messages.




Are you waging a war against yourself? The slings and arrows are thrown within, piercing your heart and soul, bruising your delicate sense of self, leaving you reeling from the battle. Again and again it happens and you feel there is no way out. Are you trapped in this vicious cycle of defending yourself against imagined slights, and hitting out at anything which dares to encroach on your delicate inner world? It feels like it has been this way forever, dear one, yet you know, deep down inside you that this is not so. It began somewhere, but what brought about this interminable warring? There was once such love, such passion and trust. You thought you had found The One, you committed to him and supported him in all he did, opening your heart to him in trusting innocence yet you find yourself here. Clearly he was not the one, and this is all part of the glorious adventure of life.

But you do not need to be punished eternally for this mistake – for it was no mistake it was simply a path you chose, a direction you took, an adventure you experienced. It was nothing more than a moment in time, a moment passed, a time gone by. It is over now and you are free to resume your own journey, onward and inward, as much as onward and upward.

So what is next for you? There is another man in your future, younger with a heart full of love but not quite within your grasp. He travels toward  you now – but unseen, hidden from view and not yet on your radar. He is a Truth Seeker and has walked away from more darkness than you could possibly imagine. He too once thought he would be alone, for no-one could possibly tolerate his own strength, resilience and self-determination. He is older than he seems, or is he younger than he looks? He is timeless. A wanderer in time, and old soul with a young heart, or maybe on his last earth-time seeking now to connect with something strong and right and true. Seeking to connect with you!

How best then to prepare yourself for this new relationship, this companionship, this new love? He is a spiritual man, and light soul who is seeking the light in you. Appearing in your story as a knight in shining armour, yet his mission is not to save but to re-awaken. Placed upon the white horse, he is representative of the Light Worker, the Soul Saviour, and Divine Messenger.

It is imperative that you banish the darkness from your heart and rediscover your inner glow. He has no place in healing your wounds, or bringing you happiness, for this is your task alone., You are fully and wholly responsible for your own happiness and yes, it is within your reach.

There is such a golden time ahead of you, a time of flowers and fruits, of long summer days and blissful summer evenings. A warm and golden time, in which you can fully relax into your own power. Creating beauty is one of your Divine Gifts and given the opportunity you will give abundantly of your harvest to those who are most deserving.

Never again will you give your heart away -but instead, open your heart to accept the gift of love from another. You are able to plant your own seeds, and tend your own garden. What seeds are you planting right now? Look to the moon to  guide you on your journey back to yourself; planting seeds of new beginnings on the dark moon, gathering the energies of the waxing moon to commit to the development of those shoots; embracing the fullness of your harvest at the most powerful Full Moon before releasing all that no longer serves you and retreating within as the moon wanes, releasing ties and old attachments on the waning gibbous before preparing your new planting once again upon the new moon.

With this cycle there is always an opportunity to release as well as draw in what matters most to you and you need never feel overwhelmed by your hearts desire. The cleansing release of each full moon gives you yet another chance to move further and further away from old painful worlds that you once inhabited; for this is the gift of Sister Moon, a constant sense of renewal without ever getting old.

Today, rather then warring with yourself and mourning what you have lost – which brings you nothing but misery, step outside and count the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass on the verge and the number of snowdrops growing through the winter chill. Reconnect with nature and be reminded that within God’s love, all is precious and full of magic. Nothing is without divine intervention and the support of the angels. Ask now for their guidance and look up – see what signs are flying your way: birds, butterflies, feathers or passing fauna, natures bounty is endless.

You are strong and able, more capable than you could ever realise and blessed with talents a plenty. Now is the time to accept this truth and embrace it, for this is your way out and up and forward.

Plant your garden, figuratively and literally, and you will reap a rich harvest in the months to come. Go now – take action, grow your food, cook your meals and feed your soul with self-love and appreciation.

This time is a gift, use it wisely.












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