HELLO are you paying ATTENTION?

attention-picWelcome to the second of the 7 words HELLO and the first keyword of ATTENTION.

Further to our introductory word of NO you will have established your Boundaries, be firm in your Identity, be making congruent Choices and speaking your Truth, so now it is time to reach out and investigate the world around you, to expand your reach, if you will.In order to grow and expand to our fullest we are always offered the opportunity to learn something new or to experience a contrast to that with which we are familiar, and that is the secret of this keyword of ATTENTION.

So where are you placing your attention? Are you willing to look and try? Are you ready to engage with others in order to discover ‘who they are’ and ‘what they are about?’

I think of those people who live fully and fruitfully within their own world: the music world, the horse world, the dog world etc. Their life is based around their specialist interest and very often we will meet people from ‘another world, and have the opportunity to explore it, but do we?

When faced with the world of Opera, would the heavy-metal fan give it the time of day? Could the republican bear to sit in a lecture on Social Justice?


Right from the beginnings of our life, as we grow and expand
we first look around and ‘pay attention’ to what we find: think of the small child as she explores her world. She picks up a leaf and is entranced by its colour and feel; she runs wildly across the park, delighting in the grass below her feet and even the tussocks which trip her and make her fall – she laughs at her adventure and immediately gets up to go again. So too, do we look everywhere to see what we can find, we explore, try, test and assess.





If you are  shy or lonely, feeling isolated or ignored than giving some time and energy to your ATTENTION and intentionally pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, may pay dividends.

On the other hand if you are overwhelmed with interests, into everything, fascinated by the natural world, the spiritual world, art, music, food, travel and books; it is likely you will find your energy scattered and find it difficult to commit to one course of action for any length of time.

Many a ‘people person’ has come to be complaining of overwhelm and an inability to finish what they started, and upon assessing them using the Q21 (7 Words Personal Development Tool) we discover that their HELLO score is the highest and they often have great difficulty saying NO, indicating a lack of boundaries, no strong identity, difficulty making choices and have no idea what their Truth actually is.

Is this you?

Try the questionnaire for yourself and drop in at robertaleesmart.com to see how I can support you in your own personal journey toward health, wealth and happiness.















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