TRUTH.(the whole truth and nothing but the truth)


We have come to the the fourth keyword for the word NO The word is TRUTH.

Once you have established your personal Boundaries and clarified your own Identity by clearly and consciously making congruent Choices you will find you are constantly Speaking Your Truth and are in the flow of your Soul. Big stuff, eh?

You have often heard teachers, therapists and guru’s the world over telling you to Speak Your Truth and  I am guessing you just may have thought to yourself:

But what is my truth?

I know I struggled with this for such a long time; in fact I had a hard time with the whole NO energy from start to finish which is why I have become somewhat of a zealot about sharing the wisdom of the 7 words and using it to help as many people as possible.

For so many of us – women especially, but men included, surrendering yourself to the will of others is what we were trained to do. The very idea of stating your case firmly and proudly was considered, unseemly, unladylike even downright rude!

As a child of the 70’s (I was born in ’68) to parents of the war generation, I was one of the last to be ‘seen and not heard’ and this massively affected how I used my voice and established any sense of self (clue – I didn’t!).

Once I learned about boundaries ( a revelation!) and began to create a sense of my own identity, I slowly began to own my voice and feel powerful in my choices rather than constantly ‘checking’ that I wasn’t doing anything wrong! Now my TRUTH is a powerful part of who I am and something I find easier – if not actually easy – to share.

As with any area of personal development this is an ongoing process and one I am always aware of as new challenges – and opportunities – present themselves in my life.

Now I happily declare myself as a writer and Empath, as a Life Coach and Healer, as a creative and a mother (Whoa – that one was a hard one for me – but more on that later) and am constantly shifting and altering my self declarations as I learn and grow, but always within the realm of my already established boundaries, Identity and Choice.


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