The Choice is yours


Welcome to the third in our series of daily blogs exploring the intricacies of 7 Words as a communication system. We have covered Boundaries and Identity and now are looking at CHOICE.

Because the choices you make every day say a lot about the person you are and how you expect to be treated. When you first meet new people it is the unspoken behaviours that say so much about a person, and form others opinions of you.

If I met you at a party, drinking a lot, taking drugs and unable to take care of yourself, and I had no other information about you it is likely that I would make (rightly or wrongly) assumptions about who you are and what you stand for.

However if I met you at the same party, washing up in the kitchen, cooking the food and generally making sure everyone was OK, if you were not totally smashed and we had an interesting conversation about something you were passionate about, it is likely my view and beliefs of you would be quite different.

The choices you make in the presence of others says a lot about who you are, and if they are congruent with your Boundaries and Identity life will flow and you will find things are easy and more and more opportunities will come to you.

Choose wisely when you are faced with options, be strong enough to reject anything which does not fall in line with who you truly are and be mindful of the language you use when in conversation with others – it is all too easy to say things ‘we don’t mean’, but it will always leave others wondering ‘Why say it then?’

In summary your CHOICE represents your Personal Power and should be used wisely, remember, some people do not have the luxury of choice in a life of survival, to have any choice at all in how we live our lives is a gift, andone not to be squandered.


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