Poetry Day 4


Innocence. Rainbow: Blessing. Athena: Justice.

Such mixed emotions swirl through me

upon seeing the rainbow, splashed across the sky.

Somewhere nearby lies the proverbial ‘Pot of Gold’.

There she shimmers in the autumn light,

Not quite quite the treasure or riches such as a man would seek

But a woman’s wealth – the wisdom of the heart and mind.

She holds Great Power gained through Great Sacrifice

With incomparable beauty, she is fierce yet loyal.

She shall oversee the battles of our minds

Reminding sisters always to live in wisdom

as much as in their hearts.

Yet the innocent has but a little life to learn from,

to guide her on her quest for Inner Truth.

In innocence all is experienced as real and full

in all totality, without prejudice or question,

And the rainbow is a piece of art

Painted across the sky

A memorial to the internal struggle

that made Athena cry.


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