Poem a day. Day One


As part of my #30day challenge I am pulling cards and writing a poem/piece based upon them. I hope you enjoy.

The road to fortune is not golden, glittering nor diamond-clad,

for blessings are bestowed upon those who persist when the going gets hard.

Should you decide to follow your path regardless of obstacles ahead

You will find to your amazement, your patience rewarded many times in many ways,

And though you may travail, weary-footed beneath ever-darkening skies

With time the clouds will part to reveal God’s goodness to you

 The Sun in all its glory illuminating your pathway of Truth

Now rest a while, safe in the knowledge that great fortune is acquired with ease

Accept the gifts you have been given and give thanks;

For only in your gratitude can your blessings multiply

Watch as they are effortlessly transformed before your eyes.

The clouds above Gather and part, almost imperceptibly, from one state to another

Like your ever –shifting consciousness, at once aware and vital

yet simultaneously Sleepwalking like an automaton

Throughout the dream-state of your life.

The sultry sky-candy inspires you on your journey

Discovering your own treasure

Revealing  your souls light to the world











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