30 Day Challenge

Day One

As a way of training myself to set objectives, follow through and actually complete them, and inspired by Mona Darling on Instagram, I decided to set myself the following challenges:

  • 30 days of yoga stretches and meditation practice

These can be a s short as 5 minutes each, or an extended session on the mat – it’s not the length that matters at this point, only that I deliberately intend and take action on the goal.

  • Write My Goals Out

There is a popular quote which says ‘ Millionaires write their goals out every day – Billionaires write them out TWICE a day.’ It is quote my mentor Leonie Dawson uses regularly and I am finally getting around to taking action on.

  • EFT Tapping on my blocks.

Using my written goals as the starting point, I will check in with my emotional state around achieving those goals and then ‘tap’ on those feelings, releasing any fears, doubts, or old limiting patterns that are blocking my success. For help and support on using EFT or Tapping I follow Nick Ortner on Facebook, he has some incredible resources to get you started with your EFT practice and is the author of The Tapping Solution.

  • Intuitive Reading

I use tarot and oracle cards all the time, but usually for other people, so this challenge is encouraging me to pull cards for me and tap into my own intuition, absorbing the guidance of the pull and allowing my inner wisdom to lead me forward. This is developing my trust of myself as well as my creative muscles, and leads to the next step… today’s cards are featured along with the poem, below.

  • Write a Poem a Day

My partner has been telling me to do this for YEARS and now I am finally ready. Using the card pulls as starting points I will write – either a poem or short piece of prose, around the inspiration and message received in the card pull. I am a writer at heart and am longing to publish something meaningful and that I am proud of – so 30 pieces in 30 days is certainly a great way to start, I think. You can read today’s poem HERE

  • NaBloPoMo Write a Blog Post Every Day for a Month.

This was what Mona Darling originally mentioned in her post on Instagram and led me to this personal challenge. I have not posted regularly, either here on Talking True or on my website – and I aim to remedy that here and now.

  • Daily FB LIVE broadcast.

To keep me honest and also share my challenge and my progress with my lovely community over on FB I will do an FB Live each day, incorporating my adventures and discoveries, my poem, my reading and blog post – and anything else that comes up. you can follow me here


My actual blog posts will be a full rundown of 7 Words, the communication system I use – and am basing my Hidden Pathways Oracle Deck on. I really need to have pages of information for each word and the ways in which we utilise them, so what better way than to craft a post for each key word (28) throughout this month, then add them into my website as a constant resource and reference. This way I get to write every day, share my knowledge, add content to my website and create a platform for my consultancy work – which I am hoping to grow next year.

For now I will offer you the 7 words upon which all of life’s communications are based. Each one is supported by four key-words which I will explore individually each day this month. Please follow this series and add your comments to my blog posts – ask any questions you may have or explore the ways in which you might bring the energy of 7 Words into your own life.

Each word has its own vibration and is represented – in my work – by its own colour, from red – purple and finally ‘white/rainbow/ according to the presentation method – which is rather hard to show you so may simply be another version of purple!

The 7 words of the circle of life are:


Wherever we are in life – relationship is at the heart of our success. Whether it is our relationship to another person, a situation, or our self, the way in which we present ourselves and connect with other leads to our success or failure, our joy or misery without exception.

Over the next 29 days I will explore the key words for each of the 7 above, explaining their energy, vibration, vitality, power and wisdom, and by the end of November I hope that both you and I will be able to dance together in coaching sessions, workshops and online, with a clear understanding of this wonderful enlightening language and a heightened sense of communication within all of our relationships.

Fancy joining me in my challenge? No matter when you start – commit to #30days of something meaningful to you and if you wish, share it online using the hashtag #30days on Instagram or Facebook and join me in creating new, healthy habits for a more productive and joyful life!

follow me on Instagram for more updates and my creative exploits.

Have a Fabulous #30days this November Everyone































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