Building a business from your passion.

I’m spending time today immersing myself in my business and setting goals for the final quarter of the year. (Or the New Year if you are of a Wiccan/Pagan our New Year is Nov 1st and our most celebrated New Years Eve is our beloved Samhain.

As always I begin my explorations worth a quick reading to establish the vibration of my work today. 

My Woman Rune was that The Labyris: Rune of Will. Which speaks of using my intention,  perseverance and commitment to achieve my goals.

 This in turn is supported by the Wiccan Word: Awakening. Reminding me to stay alert to opportunities as they may present themselves in strange ways and I need to be ‘open to receive’. (And, so often, the juiciest fruit is gifted from another’s branches)

And my own Hidden Pathways Oracle Card: Exchange (inverted) suggests that collaborations,  sharing ideas and best practice are advisable, but be aware of being pushed into following the path of others. ..maintain the Will  and Be Awake to the Truths surrounding you. 

My next reading was for my Soul Journey,  my inner self and wellness. Beginning with The Crowned Heart: Rune of  Compassion which brings my attention to my self care,  my own heart and desire to spread love in the world. Always a main focus of my life. 

The Wiccan Word Balance suggests that I must remember to love myself as really as I share my love with others,  that balance in all areas of my life is what is needed right now,  for my greatest good. 

NB: I am physically stiff at the moment,  after pulling a muscle in my back and twisting my (left) foot a little. That shift in my core balance has led to pain and weakness throughout my back and legs..oddly meaning my balance way off and I’m having to be really patient with myself. Oh, the irony and the accuracy of these incredible cards.
And my very own Hidden Pathways Oracle Card Surrender (inverted) speaks of being aware of the places where I am stiff,  limited and reluctant to surrender to what is. That constant internal struggle between my imagination and my reality. My image of myself and the way I am perceived in the world. 

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