Money blocks?

Or work blocks?

I’m reading Denise Duffield Thomas book ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch’ and looking at money blocks- we all have ’em.
Yet I feel my blocks are more ‘working blocks’ I’m delving deep to explore both.

Join me?

My childhood was stable yet unhappy. The message was always ‘we can’t afford it’ or ‘you can have whatever you want as long as it isn’t money’.

We were not big spenders and my parents poor financial decisions: double glazing,  house sale,  repeated loans etc

I learned that work was miserable and that there was no escape.

I therefore learned to leave; rather than be stuck. I left jobs (30 jobs in 10 years) my first engagement,  first marriage and next relationship.

I never knew that I could actually decide what I wanted to do (I had no clear idea) so I jumped about taking whatever I could find. I was a hot-career-mess!

Living with depression and anxiety,  them being diagnosed as Hypothyroid meant in quite scared of exhaustion and fatigue.

To become Rich means working really hard and I’m pretty laid back.  So that’s a belief to conquer.

Also in terrified of commitment and responsibility. That once I Show up they’ll keep wanting more, and I’ll get burned out. The answer here is strong boundaries. ..I know this.

As a people pleaser I learned to adapt to fit my surroundings so found it hard to define myself.
Lately I’ve embraced my innate talents and am streamlining my offerings: Here is a declaration of who I am today (as always this is by no means definitive am subject to change.)

Artist: this is something I’ve struggled to own but I do love creating Art and need only to commit more time to it.


Tarot Reader: I offer readings face to face, via email or Skype.


Intuitive Empath: I can guide you emotionally toward feeling better

Writer: I can create stories and weave world’s with my words.


Coach: I can offer you illumination,  support and encouragement to stay on track.(I need my own coach – and the means to pay a coach: I love the circular nature of life. I offer what I most need rather than asking or getting it for myself. you do this?)

There is bankruptcy in my life so I avoid spending money before its made. I’ve done that before.
I’ve already invested in the Leonie Dawson Academy,  want to take DDT’S Lucky B Boot camp,  and join Kai Ashley’s EFT group. Most of all I am trying to create a daily practice of working from my heart rather than reacting to the whims and needs of others. Time to take the wheel and drive my own chariot.



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