Don’t Dream It Be It

With thanks to Richard O’brien and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For too long I have found it hard to dream.  It was as if becoming a mother somehow dimmed my light and shuttered my sparkle.

Odd really,  as I spent the greater portion of my childhood in a dream state;  making up stories and living out fantasies of how I thought life could be.

Just recently I have regained faith in myself and allowed a little dreaming to begin again.  But these days my dreams don’t take me on tour with a pop group or even to start in a West End Show,  no,  these days my dreams find me longing for a career,  a lifestyle business that allows me to travel,  see a little of the world and meet some new people.

I am setting a plan in motion to train as a Humanist Celebrant.  To be qualified to officiate at Weddings,  Blessings,  Hand Fastings and Naming Ceremonies. (I stuck Hand Fasting in there although that may need a different training)

In time I will do funerals too, having a strong belief in the need for respectful and light filled humanistic funeral services – ideally featuring Green funerals with cardboard coffins and tree planting, but that’s a bit ahead of myself.

I am imagining all they places I would love to go.  To officiate at weddings and other rituals.: France;  Holland (Patsy and Dan are planning a wedding- maybe I could marry them! )

Wales,  Ireland and Scotland of course (Jodie and Mike? )

I like to imagine becoming a confidante of the couple,  being flown out to a dream location and supporting them through the preparations until the ceremony.   This is the dream part and is fun.  Whilst the reality may well be that I only get to marry people here in Gloucestershire-there are pantry of incredible venues to facilitate and wonderful people to meet.

I see this work add part of a portfolio career, alongside writing articles and stories and offering Readings online. 

I want to join The Academy during this Sale period. It will cost approx £32.36 per month.  This rounds up to approx £388 per year.

As I’m not likely to raise the £500 it costs otherwise and knowing the Academy will continue to grow and we can all benefit from the courses within it,  for as long as we pay up we have access;  it seems to be truly good value.

Is just hard to justify when I said I’m not building a business! 

Published by Roberta Smart

An Intuitive Empath, I am a heart-centred Life Coach, healer and intuitive reader. I offer Coaching using the 7 words system to enable clients to communicate honestly, openly and from the heart.

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