Counting My Blessings

I’m confused.

‘Nothing new there,’ you might say.
I wrote recently regarding the ‘reality’ of life for millions across the globe.
However I must acknowledge that as much as it is truss that there is poverty and struggle the world over,  it is also vital that I acknowledge my ‘White  Privilege’ and the reality of my ‘First World Life’.

So let’s list it:

I have all my basic needs met: food,  water,  shelter,  health care,  community.
I received a full education
I am not subject to slavery
I am not subject to my father’s whim
I am not the property of my husband
I have freedom of speech
I have access to media and world news
I have access to the Internet
I have clothing to keep me warm,  protected and allow personal expression
I have a partner who respects me
I have two healthy children
We are free from life threatening diseases
I live in the UK, in The Cotswolds,  in Cheltenham.
I am so free I get bored


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