The beauty of ritual

Such a wonderful account of a most beautiful part of Gaia. The opportunity to stay on Bali and enjoy a writers retreat is developing. Checkout original site for more details.



One of the many things I love about Bali is the reverence the Balinese have for rituals. Bali is largely Hindu and along with that comes daily prayers (puja) and many other ceremonies that occur at different days and times of the year. Everywhere you walk in Bali you see the beautiful little offerings all over the streets in auspicious places, piled high in temples large and small and in sacred places in family homes, streets, hotels and businesses. These offerings are so intricate and each is a work of art itself. Ceremonies and rituals are an important part of every aspect of birth, death, life and significant stages and events in a persons life. Everything stops for ritual.


I have been walking along the streets of Kuta many times when suddenly the whole street is blocked off by police, a massive group of people dressed in ceremonial outfits comeā€¦

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