Solstice Blessings


At this time of the year, when we run out of light

I send blessing to you and wish you a good night

So the darkest day is upon us, a time of year when the light can only just reach us with his fingers tips and he tries so valiantly to warm and soothe us, before retreating once again below the horizon.

I watched the Sun rise this morning, as I looked out of my East facing window. He rose to the Right of me, as far east as he could manage, and now, at midday, obscured by grey clouds of winter drizzle, he sits only just out of view, and in only three short hours, I will watch him sink, exhausted below the horizon behind my house, casting orange rays across the sky – if we are lucky.

The season so far has been uncommonly warm, with temperatures reading 15°  at 6.30 am on Dec 19th. Pitch black and as warm as a balmy summer evening, it was anything but seasonal.

At times like this I am so grateful for my life in the British Isles, the gift that is the Gulf Stream and the warm currents that protect us from the savage Arctic Winds. I know that soon enough the weather will change and we will once again be wrapped in an icy shawl as the Northern Weather envelopes us, bringing ice and snow and deep chills. January is a bitter mistress and we all feel filled with an impatient longing for the coming of Spring.


Like many Empaths, I feel the loss of light keenly and have to take extra-good care of myself in order to stay healthy and happy during the winter. Lots of sleep and refusing to allow stressful thoughts of lack into my mind are just a couple of ways I approach the season.

I find the commercialised Christmas Craziness too much to bear and if I am not careful I can get overwhelmed with self doubt and fear – but I try hard to hold on to what is really important and let go of those heightened expectations.


This picture is of my gorgeous kids aged 2 and 4. They are now 17 and 15 so this fun shot reminds me of those years when magic filled the air and all you needed to do to be a Hero was to stick a sword down your pants!

So I leave you with a heart-full of love and a true wish that you find peace of mind and kindness of heart this Solstice. That you can do something meaningful and kind for someone else; that you can feel the LOVE rather than the FEAR and can choose to give of yourself rather than feeling you have to impress with sparkly gifts that are both overpriced and meaningless.

With Love x






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