Oh glorious world


I am beyond excited by the incredible connections I am enjoying at the moment.  I am blessed to have a wonderful counselling client who is permitting me to journey with her as her life twists and turns about her.


I am supporting an incredible masseur to break out beyond the pure physicality of her work and embrace her ‘true nature’ as an energy worker.

She is massively talented,  highly sensitive and uniquely intuitive.  Yet still lacks the confidence to truly own her work.  That’s where I come in.


As an intuitive guide, a mentor and catalyst I am helping her develop her practice,  create her marketing copy to launch her new business and also introducing her to other talented people who can join forces with her, to mutual benefit and for the greater good (the greater good)*

Tomorrow I am meeting with another friend and fellow heart-centred-entrepreneur.  He is writing a book and offering workshops to support people in Overcoming Depression and Living a Life They Love.


I am hoping to give him some insights into writing accessible, heartfelt copy for his marketing and ensure his message is on point.

You see,  when all is said and done I’m a story teller and a story collector.  I don’t care what you do to create your living,  but I care that it is authentically YOU and the Highest Truth you can share; that it fits your core values and will actually get you where you want to go.

What do you mean you don’t even know where you want to go?  Seriously!  We need to talk.

If you have anything to comment you know what to do.

Talk soon

*Yes that’s a Hot Fuzz reference.  Why not?


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