My Heart has a Story to tell….are you ready?

My heart has something it would like to share with you


Today took me on a journey through myself. I travelled beyond my boundaries and explored new vistas, never seen before. I scaled mountain tops and paused for breath as I surveyed the Whole World below me.

I climbed the valley walls, grasping desperately at fragile tendrils of green shoots, praying that their roots were strong and that they could take my weight.

I plunged into the deepest pools and swam against the tide. I dived deep beyond the limit of light and emerged from the inky blackness, reborn and refreshed.Those lifetimes spent below the surface prepared me for the re-birthing I would experience. Transforming myself from pupae to nymph, from child to woman from maiden to crone, and still I am transformed.

Once born back into the world I took to the air and travelled on the breeze. Carried like seeds from the sycamore tree, twirling and swirling on the eddying air-tides.

ancientoakI travelled from the water’s edge to the forests of my childhood, where I observed the lifespan of the ancient oak, from its birthing as a green acorn, through to its dropping into rich fertile soil and daring to try. It sent a root into the earth in search of moisture and, discovering the bliss of loamy soil it threw up a shoot to the light of the sky.

The journey from there was slow and steady and all of life passed by the little acorn, unnoticed in the dirt, as it grew stronger and stronger and created the first twig of life.

From this first delicate woody stem shot a bright green leaf, hungry for the suns light, hungry for the sugars it creates, yearning to be bigger, stronger and much, much more.

Although,he knew nothing of potential, this little seed felt within him the stirring and the desire of LIFE. He felt the surging push to go further, to do more and to be more.

As each season fell away, I watched and learned. I felt as if time stood still for me and nothing could reach me as I watched the world turning. I was the ALL and Gaia was glowing before me.


This little seed grew slowly into a small sapling, all gnarly and twisted as he was beaten by winds and rains, roasted by summer sun and frozen by icy fingers again and again.

I loved that little tree and we conversed about the mysteries of the universe as I loved him. And he grew strong beneath my loving gaze, becoming the place for small creatures to gather and meet. In turn as he grew and the congregations beneath him swelled, he realised he was a life giver himself.

Together we learned that the creatures that called him ‘home’ became the food of larger, passing folks who in turn nourished the birds and small mammals and again as the creatures searched and fed they became attached to this little oak tree and his miraculous powers of life.


It seemed to be no time at all before the oak stood tall and proud, creating an impressive canopy of lace-edged leaves and offered a ripe feeding ground for owls,squirrels and more.

I sent my loving energy to the baby owls nesting in the branches, to the rabbits burrowing below and to the foxes and badgers who lived nearby.

The myriad of birds seeking shelter in his branches filled the air with sweet music at dawn each day and with a melancholy moan as the sun went down and the night creatures arose. Their noises being so much more abstract and  hard to identify, I knew them in my heart and loved them all into existence.

My journey was ongoing although I felt no desire to move away, and my learning was filled with nuance and delight. I realised, one nightless day, that I was not confined by my body but only by my attention; so I bade farewell and see you again to my oak tree lover and turned my attention to the mountains beyond.

The peaks lost in the clouds spoke of beautiful danger and perilous adventure. My heart was overflowing as I traversed the oceans and stood atop of the highest range. The world below was green and blue and I knew now that there was more to know than ever before.

11262014_10205200475756801_3443540760222611580_nMy heart soared beyond the edge of space and watched me as I flew around the earth. My light was a flash in the night as my heart floated heavenward and saw the blue planet below. The ball in the blackness, she shone: Gaia, my mother,my daughter, my sister; Gaia my home and my sanctuary; Gaia my goddess and my Self.

To be part of the All was so immense yet so natural. Why would I ever wish to be anything other? To be separated from my Everything and my All was unthinkable. So I did not think. I did not know. I simply was.

On my return to the earth and a physical body I was amazed to discover my true self was free. I was no longer trapped within a shell of physicality but free to roam the many realms of the cosmos. Yet I was not dead. I was not undone,far from it. I was born into eternity and utter knowing.

Doubt was a thing of the past, and questioning unnecessary. Learning would come with breathing, and discovery with every step. There were no mistakes and no agendas. There were no errors of judgement or wrong-doings or evil deeds. The very world of reality that I had once inhabited was long gone and lost to me, for I was now all that there was to know and yet forever part of the great unknown.


  1. This was the gift of Life and the Eternal Flame. I had only to breathe to rediscover my inner magic. I had only to open my heart to find all my wishes fulfilled.There was no time, no space and no limitation to what could be achieved. For everything I had ever done was yet to happen and all that lay in my future was long gone from my sight. Such was the circle of life.

And I knew.

And I was at peace.


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