When Life Gives you Lemons…


After too many years living within the benefits system of the UK- due to my partners physical challenges,  my mental health and raising two children;  a time of enormous change is finally upon us.

We have long yearned to break out of the safety net of benefits and earn our own living, but were scared of the consequences if we couldn’t sustain employment.  Depression and spinal weakness make for pretty unreliable employees.


Now that our eldest (The Boy) has turned 17 he has decided,  after one year at 6th form, to leave school and take a 12 month apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, with a local company.


Whilst this is brilliant for him and his personal journey it does mean that we have just been docked child benefit and chid tax credit payments,  with immediate effect! BOOSH!

The Boy will,  of course be paying his board – we have no choice and believe it to be the best way to prepare for life,  but we are now incredibly short on income. 


Add in The Dog needing constant medication for his allergies (today’s trip to the vets set me back over ¬£60 – ouch!) and outgoings creeping ever higher, we have no option but to stare CHANGE in the face and laugh loudly. Ha! Ha!

(Of course we’re shit scared but I know we can work through this.)

Firstly an exercise in economising. A budget overhaul, a plan of action and a commitment to The New Plan.


Secondly an adventure with food and cooking.  Actually planning recipes and making a shopping list rather than buying whatever is on reduced when I pop in for yet more soya milk!

Now, two of us: (The Boy and I), eat anything. We love salad and veggies and flavours and Real Food.  The other two: (The Girl and Himself), hate veggies, avoid salad generally and have SuperTaster tastebuds;  meaning they can live on cornflakes and ready brek and think Ketchup is spicy!

So how am I going to win this challenge; reduce our spend,  feed four differing palates and keep everyone alive? Answers in the comments below PLEASE.

Overall,  this is actually quite exciting.  I’ve long wanted to clean my diet,  create green smoothies and eat more kale,  you know the drill;  but somehow could never really commit to it.  But now, I actually have to because life had forced my hand.


It also means that,  like a baby bird fledging the nest, I am being pushed to create an income to replace what we’ve lost;  the first step to becoming self sufficient. 

To that end I plan to put all that I have studied and learned over the last five years,  but been to afraid to embrace,  into action.

Utilising either this WordPress site or my existing website at http://www.TheCommunicationCoach.co.uk I shall create landing pages and sales pages to be able to offer my (bloody amazing) services to the world.

No more playing small.  Now is time to step up and be seen.  Videos are being recorded as I type,  pdf files of juicy secrets and inside information are being pulled together and my Tribe will be introduced to my All-singing-All- Dancing offerings (which just may actually include singing and dancing. ..who knows?


I will be offering Oracle Card Readings as well as Intuitive Readings,  recording some incredible Meditations for download as well as creating some Inspired Art Work to illustrate my site.


In truth I am relieved as now I have No Excuse not to do it.  I think I’ve secretly been waiting for this shove for quite a while.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me,  your support and interest mean a lot,  honestly. If you feel so moved,  please let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to share with your peeps.

This is a good time to get on board with me because it’s only getting better!

Wishing you Love and Light and All Things Bright.

Mwah x


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