Is Your Story Telling The TRUTH?


If Your STORY isn’t lighting you up, why not try a different story?

We all tell stories, all the time. We meet new people and introduce ourselves; offering the very best version of ourselves that we can muster, depending on the circumstances.

Often we will adapt our story to fit in with the expectations of the other person: new mums open with their parental status and – all too often – their birth story. (Weirdly, women do like to bond over tragedy and shared horror).

Men, mostly, will offer their profession, or their sport of choice, or, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed a bit of ‘banter’ to break the ice.

But what of Your Truth? That most visceral of stories; the once which explains not just who you are but, more importantly WHY you are.

This story is the song of your SOUL, the cry from your heart; it encompasses all of your hopes and dreams, all the deepest desires of your longing and your greatest hopes for the world. THIS then is the story that really matters.


I care not what you do to earn money; I care nothing for your gender, sexuality or personal preferences in the bedroom; and I have no need to hear of your bitter recriminations. For none of these things will let me see the reality of WHY you are.

Your story may be small and subtle, or it may be immense and dangerous. You may have tales from across the globe, encompassing nations and wars and rescues and travels.

Or you may simply grow dandelions in your garden or some herbs on your windowsill. Your day spent watching green things grow and the passage of the sun across the sky.                                                                              Weeds-1

Why is one story better than another? Why is anyone’s story better than anyone else’s?

After all, it matters not exactly which story you choose to tell, only that it resonates in some way with my deepest vibration. Then I know. You are someone I want in my life. For a moment, for a lifetime. For a reason or a season.



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