Are we missing the point?


Further to my Thursday Musing’ over on my FB page  I wanted to expand on my point.

As a modern western woman I am blessed to have access to unlimited social media and the ability to educate myself and further my career, if I so choose. To that end I have, like so many of us, visited websites, signed up to mailing lists and joined groups to further my education and learn more about running my own business, improving any aspect of my life and generally ‘Creating the life of my dreams’


But,  again like a lot of us, I still have not found my ‘Sweet Spot’, hit my ‘Big Money Targets’ or actually created the ‘Life of my Dreams’.

So how does that make me feel? Pretty crap actually – and I know I am not alone in this. So many of my peers are constantly frustrated at their lack of progress; caught up in unsatisfactory relationships or still working in jobs they hate or not able to work at all and suffering financially.


We are The Seekers, we are the buyers in ‘Buyer Beware’ and the world is only too happy to offer us The Answer in exchange for our earned earned cash (or too often – credit).

But, I got to thinking about balance; and how if we took a wider view we would see how faintly ridiculous all of this truly is. Sure if you are already doing something you love and you can monetize it – go ahead – make a business out of your passion, that makes total sense and i would urge anyone who wants to to have a go.

But this in itself is not ‘creating The Life Of Your Dreams’ – you know the one, it’s called The Instagram Life’ and features ‘Perfect Health’ ‘Perfect Body’ ‘Green Smoothies with Macca Powder’ and regular ‘Yoga with my Pug’ sessions. The dream life also features lots of travel to exotic destinations, a fabulous wardrobe and – most importantly Your Name on EVERYTHING! You’ve got to be a BRAND Darling! That’s the way to build a Dream Life.

It is just not enough, now, to become a massage therapist or a hairdresser or an accountant. No, you have to online, have a website, have an ACE Brand, complete with cute logo and catchy tagline, a massively popular BLOG and a range of ‘products’ to monetise your output. PHEW! Is it any wonder we are exhausted?

Meanwhile, back on Planet Normal, if we take a look across the globe millions of women are struggling to simply exist; they are lacking the very basics of a healthy life; water, food and shelter and they are watching their children dying, helpless to do anything about it. They are not ‘dreaming’ of anything more than an opportunity to LIVE and to see their families grow and prosper.


Across the world girls who do get to attend school. find they are missing huge amounts of learning because of their period. Not for them the simplicity of popping to Tesco for some tampons or pads – no these girls are stuck indoors washing and reusing rags or utilising natural substances to absorb blood. Did you even realise that? Did it ever cross your mind? Girls cannot go to school because they bleed!

I’ll just let that one sink in for a minute.

My point, I guess, is that far from bemoaning our ‘less than dream life’ we really should (Yes, I said should) start being bloody grateful for the incredible ease with which we live our lives and the incredible opportunities which are available to us each and every day.

We are blessed with a country (UK) free from war and aggression, our water is clean and plentiful, we have power, food, shelter and a decent society: Whatever the Daily Mail would have you believe.

I went walking yesterday, because I am lucky enough to live in the heart of the Cotswolds and the countryside is simply glorious – and was talking to a lovely young lady who had made a conscious decision to not read the newspapers or watch TV news. As a result she was clueless about such horrors as The Badger Cull, here in Gloucestershire, and as such lived her life relatively at ease, and shared her reasoning with me. She said

There is only so much I can do, and knowing about everything else will only make me sad. Why would I want to be sad and anxious when I can be happy and relaxed?

And, do you know what? She has a point.

(Photo of indian family source:


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