Still Standing

I wrote this for myself personally but now feel I can share it – if only for the links at the end which I am proud to share.

From The Heart

227442_1816329613335_6099970_n (1)

And why wouldn’t I be? I am fit and relatively healthy – aside from a chronic condition that I hardly acknowledge. For the record I have an Underactive Thyroid – or hypothyroidism. This means, in essence that my Thyroid gland has failed – so much so that I have to have the maximum dose of medication to survive.

For those of you not in the know – and until quite recently I would have counted myself among your number – this is what Hypothyroidism looks like (to me):

  • Bone Crushing Tiredness – Literally falling asleep whilst on my feet
  • Memory Loss – I mean I cannot remember what I came here for so started writing this!
  • Exhaustion from simply thinking too much
  • Weight gain – I know I have a love of cake, but surely…..its not that?
  • Did I mention tiredness?
  • Lack of Concentration – I am losing my thread…

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