Post Election Musings

Here in Cheltenham we have lost our Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood and gained a new Conservative MP Alex Chalk.


I’m musing on how we should proceed.  Many people are thrilled about the new regime, those who own property and businesses,  who move in affluent circles,  and good for them.  This is,  after all,  what democracy is about. 

But for those of us who will be directly affected by yet more service cuts,  more austerity measures and losses to our wellbeing,  how do we deal with this Tory Whitewash?

Simple.  By bothering to talk to our MP and take him to account.  To ask for his voice and his representation of all of us,  not simply his party or indeed his voters.

By attending his local MP surgeries and emailing regularly with questions and enquiries.  To ask him to vote for us in the commons and to hold him to account when he supports decisions which will affect us.


As a Green I shall be looking to him to acknowledge our agenda  too. To look at how we,  as a rural town can grow and expand yet still protect our green spaces.

To look at how will the local developments utilise local skills and offer opportunities to our young people.


How our sick and vulnerable are taken care of,  the local hospital being maintained and employment being created to suit all levels not simply baskets and insurance brokers.

We can talk to him about our schools,  the lack of places and the way policy is affecting or young people.


In fact anything that concerns you directly from health to welfare,  education to employment; you can tally your MP to ensure your voice is being heard.

Now the election is over its not the end.  This is only the beginning.  Now is the time to al Activate and get involved.

So what are You planning to do?  Please let me know via FB or Twitter. 
Our put a comment below.

Together we can make a change. Are you in?


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